Baby Boomer Exodus Eventually Will Boost Bay Area Housing Supply: Report

A wave of new homes for sale will hit the Bay Area market but it will be a while before buyers can take advantage of the new stock, according to a report from Zillow.

In what has been dubbed the “silver tsunami,” residents in the Baby Boomer generation will be downsizing or moving away in the years to come, thus boosting the supply of housing across the Bay Area.

The bad news is millennials might have to wait a decade or two to see the wave of new homes enter the market.

The wave of millienials and the next generation will be larger than the boomers leaving. Plus many will be loaded with inheritance money. Interesting article. Linda Safir and I dated a few times. Haven’t seen her in 40 years.

Well apparently Linda is not as RE savvy as you are. Her house hasn’t really appreciated much. 800k to 2M in two decades is pretty weak sauce.

So many articles on impending RE bust due to retirement of baby boomer. Is this time real? Or is just a peak oil article?

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When does it make sense to sell as long as prop 13 exists? Wouldn’t it be better to rent it out?

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A 3800-ft house is a pretty bad rental. Much better to just sell and move on with life. Besides the Oakland house in the article has pretty crappy ROI. Should have sold long time back.

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All about location. She should have married me instead:sunglasses: But there are150m millennials and Gen Z combined. So even Oakland will see plenty more appreciation. I think most boomers will stay and age in place. Her husband got a job in DC so they are moving for work, not retirement.