Bank Of America Profit Moves Higher

It would help if you stayed open longer, especially on Saturdays!!!

Who goes to banks for anything?

Checks are direct deposited. If you get a check in the mail you take a picture of it and deposit it that way. You can pay all your bills with online banking. You never have to write a check. Even most farmer’s market take cc. The only thing I use cash for is the casinos and then if I make too much I have them pay me by check and I deposit that. The only thing I have to write a check for was income tax and now that I am retired I don’t pay that. Property taxes can be paid online too.

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Me for cash hungry contractors…

Or, when you need to turn in rolls and rolls of quarters from your coin op laundry machines from your rental properties. For some reason, that was one part of landlording I didn’t complain too much about…