Bay Area Chugging Along




Redfin is betting on an Exodus


Please. Glenn should just shut up and run the company better. He’s not even living in SV. Why does he think he has the credibility to comment?


Does google really have more engineers outside of SV than in SV? I think a lot of legacy companies (HP, Cisco, etc) would benefit from leaving.


Glenn should move to Detroit


How does Glenn know Google has more people outside of SV? And are they in cheap locales like Kansas? Of its 3 big US sites: SV, NYC and Seattle, none of them are cheap.

Glenn is full of shit.


He got that idea from somewhere–question is where.

Still, he’s right that people are leaving. It’s like a rubber band–only so far you can stretch a household.


Seattle is cheaper than SV, but it’s closing in. NYC is not cheap either.

If Google is really looking for a cheaper place, a) it wouldn’t buy and lease large office buildings in San Jose and Sunnyvale to expand, and b) it would have to go to places like the South and Midwest. On top of my head I can’t name any big Google site Stateside with >1000 employees in cheap locales.


He needs to specify the data otherwise it’s hot air.


Seattle is still cheaper. People are moving there.

Migration pattern change is usually slow and steady. Once good people are leaking from our bucket, it’s going to be hard to reverse.

We can use ADU to keep the talents in BA. How many ADUs have you built, my friend?


Google has offices in Pittsburgh. I’m not sure how big, but a friend from college works there. His family has a way higher standard of living than they’d have in SV. They have a large home in great schools, and his wife doesn’t work.


Yeah but he is shoveling snow and shivering 6 months a year


Google has R&D offices across the country, pretty much in all top college towns like Ann Arbor and Raleigh. They are all pretty small though.

I think Seattle is already at capacity. Otherwise why is Amazon looking elsewhere for new HQ?


The salaries get adjusted, but the difference is not much still, which means, he can technically live there, and keep buying rentals, and at some point, just retire. Much easier to do than it is to do here.




More info on possible # of employees.


That what I am doing in Tahoe… Don’t have to move to Pittsburgh


Good catch. Did not know google has a big site in Boulder.

Let’s see how much houses sell for in Boulder:

Median price 775k. Not sure if it’s cheap by Glenn’s standard.


You can live in Denver and work in Boulder.

Why is Denver popular for tech jobs? There are not many top colleges there