Bay Area is getting improved...Hard to get homes with land going forward

Doubt is that much. Actually didn’t read your initial question carefully, what I mean is one of the main reason for high demand and occasionally stupidly high price that drag the market up. One silly, say overpaid 20%, purchase by a Google employee would lead to hundreds of houses re-adjust their asking prices upwards. It works when inventory is low.

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Yepp, seen that behavior quite a bit i.e. the overpayment. However, don’t know what the backgrounds of the buyers were.

“But when you are that age, their priorities might not be the same as older and wiser version.”

I have to agree. My travels for work have shifted from Oakland to SF lately. My observations today of the culture and mores of the city I was born in have been revealing.

First, I don’t think there is anyone over 40 in SF anymore. The flux of young people is just astounding/ (Full disclosure: I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Vallejo Ferry and Richmond/SF BART line, walking from the Ferry Building or Embarcadero BART station to SOMA and conducting business there.)

Second, their lifestyle appears to be more college dorm like than anything approaching settled down. Inadvertently listening to their conversations while waiting in mile long lines at Starbucks - pick one on any corner there - makes me feel really old. They simply don’t seem as mature as they should be at their apparent 20 or 30 something age.

Third: I have family and am acquainted with a few young people who up until the last five years, swore by City life and that they’d never give it up, no matter what. They were frequently living like advanced American grad students. Only they’ve acquired offspring along the way and ended up high tailing it to the suburbs much as others have predicted they would. Even to suburbs in places as mundane as Vallejo. (Where the commute so SF via the Ferry is actually easy and pleasant!)

But more poignant to me is that they now say they would never go back to SF living and they don’t know what they saw in it in the first place. My own stepdaughter, married into a well off SF based family, now refers to her former inner Richmond neighborhood as “grungy” and “decrepit”. She says she never realized it until she moved out of there and returned for visits.

What the hell???

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“sellers market” vs “buyers market” A RE concept that’s been around for a long, long time.

Yes Sir


Soooo, what is the game plan then… we go extra bullish on PA???:slight_smile:

If I knew that, I’d be as rich as Trump.

All that I know is that it currently remains a seller’s market. And I know that at some point, that will change. The rest is anybody’s guess. :unamused:

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Doubled yes–Facebook isn’t the only player raising the market, but Facebook resulted in probably 50% of that increase in RWC/MP.

There are other players as well SurveyMonkey built a new building in Palo Alto. Google is opening up off Seaport in Redwood City and Box built a new building as well at RWC downtown.

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