Bay Area Ranks High For STEM Workers

But Seattle wins again!!! :cry:

The only people that think the weather is bad are from the Bay Area or San Diego. Compared to the rest of the country that has snow in winter or brutally hot summers, the weather is good. I’ve never talked to someone that lived there that didn’t enjoy it. There’s no state income tax, homes are much cheaper than Bay Area, and the pay gap is non-existent if you’re coming from the Bay Area.

I guess we need someone like @myo to comment on this since he moved from up that ways to the Bay Area. Yes, I am a SF native and while we obviously have fog and cold I just think the constant rain would be dreary after awhile. I actually liked Seattle and thought it resembled SF in many ways. You are right though, we are wusses when it comes to weather here. Just look at how many car accidents we can have from a little rain. People in shoulder high snow country have a right to be laughing at us… but I will still take our mild weather any day of the year

This winter the Bay Area has been getting more rain than Seattle. Seattle gets very little rain April through September which is half the year. November is the only month that averages over 6". SF gets one extra month of very little rainfall in October. The heavy rain months are ~20% less rain than Seattle. Seattle actually has a nice summer while SF has fog.

Here is some comparison climate numbers between Seattle and SF. I don’t know, I still take SF…

I guess you also love the earthquake and uneven road surface :wink:

Well, that is exactly why I don’t understand how folks live on the Eastern seaboard, down by Florida or the Carolinas or in regular tornado country. They get the real prospect of a hurricane or tornadoes coming each year whereas we are still hopefully waiting for the Big One. Besides, my home is only two stories high and I did some earthquake proofing when remodeling to reasonably make it through. Ask how the folks in the Millennium Tower sleep…

The Northwest is also earthquake country. Some say it’s even worse than CA.

And some places that never had earthquakes may be experiencing them now due to all that fracking going on…

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