Bay Area Rental Market

From my property mger, looks like it’s collapsing.
been lowering it couple times, few times qualified great applicant backed out in the last minute

soon it will affect the housing price i think if trend continues

I was lucky to find a tenant in SJ in May. Non-tech tenant.

All the schools are closed for the fall semester at least. There goes one big source of rental demand. A friend of mine rented to SJSU students and they aren’t renewing their lease.

Is your rental a condo? I have a turnover in CU last month, rented out after 12 days of advertising on zillow, $100 cheaper than previous rent though. New tenants (family with school going kids) moved from apartment to my SFH, he has to pay higher rent (to me for renting the SFH) than previous rent for apartment.

Austin is hot. Easily rented out after 2 days of ads. At higher rent too.

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I renewed the lease with my current tenant at the same price last month.
It’s SFH in SJ.
When I tracked rental price of similar homes in nearby neighborhood (SFH only), it seems to me that the rental price actually went up from last year. However, I did’t track large number of samples.

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I found a new tenant in May (I went into renovation in Feb and decided not to find tenant in March/April) & renew another with same rent for one year lease - both in Daly City.

But I do hear about rent being soft in SF - a few people from my team signed new leases in last couple of months, and they said they were able to get better price.

not condo,single family

Which area?

I have had 30-40 inquiries for my Tahoe rentals. Similar for my farm house. The exburbs are where it’s at these days. Everything rented in a few days.

from what i heard from PM, lot of ppl are moving out of bay area into those area.

How’s the insurance situation there in SLT ?

Rates are going up. Farmers, State Farm,Hippo, Travellers and others are still offering insurance. I have one property that required Lloyd’s of London.

Everyone’s insurance rate has gone up for the insurance company to recoup the losses, not just the location with higher fire risk.

SF rental is very soft. Weakest since 2008-2009

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we ended up getting a vacation home in rocklin (big house/yard, pool, close proximity to snow in winter) because we couldn’t find a rental that’s suitable there. price was reasonable compared to the bay area so why not. :stuck_out_tongue: we are big tech workers so we will probably come back to the bay area in a year or two. i was genuinely surprised at the level of competition though…lot of bay area remote workers bidding up prices


That’s great!! Curious on what’s your situation in BA, do you own or rent here? If owned, what you doing to your house here.

Asking these from an AirBnB right at the moment for a house with swimming pool and my wife is asking what you guys did.

we were renting in peninsula but own a place in east bay that we rent out. we thought about buying one in peninsula recently but it didn’t feel like a good idea. better to keep a large stack of cash (play with stocks/other investments) and just work remotely while enjoying a much better lifestyle. who knows, maybe this will become a permanent thing. we loved the idea of swimming 7 months out of the year and close access to snow.


Seems like it works out well. Can I ask what’s the price range that’s attractive for the value in Rocklin?

i think 700-900k will get you a nice house with pool+yard+neighbor+school. we ended up getting one at the upper range of that but competition was fierce. we only got it on 3rd attempt. 2 other attempts, we failed as some folks came in all cash at much higher price than we did. i can only guess those were from bay area.


Do you have kids? What about schools? Remote learning zooming back to the peninsula?