Bay Area’s first Shake Shack will be built in Palo Alto


I am open, was looking at Fremont and townhomes in the South Bay…


Free burger… 100% ROI !!!

Starting February 21, join the CharClub and receive a FREE Charburger with cheese sent directly to your inbox.


Hey, false advertising!!! :laughing: I thought this was about that vaulted Shake Shack not Habit which is a pretty decent burger in my book. Thanks for the tip…


Nope no advertising… I’ve never been to either. :slight_smile: so, don’t have an opinion on either.

I need to check out habit burger sooon.


Habit is not bad. Cheaper than 5 Guys but smaller sized so you get what you pay for. If really hungry, go elsewhere. Snack? Perfect.


For burgers, eureka is not bad. for fast food, in n out & habit are good options. The burger I grabbed at BJ’s couple weeks back was also good (never been there prior to that).


San Jose is finally creeping into “world class” status…


Went to Habit Burger today.
Excellent much better than In N Out.


  1. Double CharBurger, highlight is the char.

  2. Onion Rings, excellent flavor on the batter

  3. Strawberry Lemonade - feels natural & not out of a bottle.

  4. Condiments - Peppers had great flavor


Wifey likes the tempura string beans at Habit…


Will try next time


You may not like the French fries at in and you are out, but they don’t peel them off, which adds some nutritional value to it. :laughing:

Any of you in SF has tried Pollo Loco? Do it, you will know what I am saying.


Wifey used to go there when she lived in So Cal. I hear it is pretty good.


Yes, that taste stays with you for a while. Try it.


Ok, Shake Shack coming to the Fab 7x7…


In the Marina huh? Tough choice between Shake Shack and Super Duper now.


Shake Shack will be competing with the locally owned Super Duper Burger and Roam Burgers, both of which have locations less than a half-mile away. Neither, however, serve crinkle-cut fries.

Yes, the crinkle cut fries will be the decider between life and success or death and failure…


New kid on the block.



Robo Burger!


Nothing beats free.