Bayview Beauty

Ok, so this one should tell us where we are at this point in the SF market cycle. Transitional area, priced decently, so will it go crazy again or not?

1400 sq ft garage? Isn’t that a huge garage?

Well, it is a full lengthed garage probably similar to my Sunset home. Back to back parking, not side to side.

It’s on the right side of 3rd St. I think the Zestimate is correct. Around 900K.

1633 Oakdale last sold **for $610,000 two months ago, according to Redfin (**dropping significantly from its 2015 selling price of $776,000, if numbers are to be believed)

Odd, why did it drop so much from 2015 selling price? Bad data? Pretty nice house actually.

BTW this house is NOT on MLS yet. Only on Zillow. See the power of Zillow now?

House has no garage. So knock 50k off the price. 850K I say.

Nothing like a slaughterhouse to bring up home prices, eh, Fearless Leader???

Not gonna pass. Next.