BDC Yield vs VOO, which s better for long term?

ARCC yield is now 11%, consistently pays out since last 15 years.
For long term investment, is this better than VOO?

BDCs took a hit in March. Honestly I don’t know where the sector is today.
You might want to read Rida’s articles on SeekingAlpha. I own a small portion.

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I do not know about BDC, very small company. ARCC, we should have got it at $8 (mar low).
To compare companies/etf use morning star show chart then compare, you will get some idea.

Most of the dividend stock, buy when stock market is in deep trouble like mar low. Other times, keep your growth with well known high volume high cap companies.

Morning star => ARCC => show chart => add comparison.

On any case, read fundamentals and understand in detail (avoid leverage financials/burnt myself recent mar drop) before investments.

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