Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance


Time to return some of our capital there. No need to move people.


Invest in BABA and BIDU!


Britain or London?


BIDU is bad. How about Tencent?


Old article from September 2016, but housing price in China has climbed even higher.

The firm’s research found that only San Jose in the Silicon Valley is more expensive than Shenzhen. The Chinese city has seen prices rise 76 percent since the start of 2015, with the acceleration beginning in April 2015 as the country’s stock market was nearing its peak. The situation in Beijing and Shanghai is similar, albeit less extreme, the company states.


Britain is a 2nd rate power soon to be 3rd. Brexit is a major self-inflicted wound. Brits think they can make it on their own. No, they can’t.


Ask someone in the South (amongst other places in the US) and they will say, “I at least recognize all of these places/names (even Shenzhen), but where is San Jose?”…:grin:


They lost the #1 spot over 100 years ago… The US became number one around 1900. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact year, since the records weren’t as good back then. Most say it’s between 1900 and 1903 that US GDP surpassed them.


Number 1 mistake: caring about what people in the South think about anything… Yup, I am an elitist. :slight_smile:


I lived in London for a year…Nice place if you are rich. …like most big cities…Ok if you are poor…lots of free shit…Hell on earth, if you are middle class and spend your day commuting


It’s a no brainer to downgrade from middle class to the poor :slight_smile:


Number 1 mistake: caring about what people outside of the Bay Area think about anything.

Also, if you live in Atherton, you can say: the number one mistake is to care about what people outside of Atherton think about anything.

Also, if you are the 1%, you can say: the number one mistake is to care about what the 99% think about anything…


Be careful of envy politics. There are many genocide around the world where the poor who are the majority massacres the elite with the police happens to be not around. You need to give them hope i.e. feed them, cloth them, house them and access to higher education.


In a perfect society very poor person will have a chance to become rich through natural ability or luck. America has already achieved such perfection. So nothing to worry about as long as you’re an American.


I will never live in a big city again…The BA I remember was a bunch of small towns…Now it is a mega city soon to spread to Sacramento …Well headed to become unlivable except for the rich. LA has been that way for 40 years…I love small town living…RWC has that feeling, as long as you don’t have commute or go anywhere out of town…Traffic is killing the BA…
And even though I loved the old BA, I do not miss it…Love small town living on the beach in the mountains. …


So LA is unlivable for the poor? Ok…


East LA, Compton, Watts…a living hell

Ever been on the 405 at rush hour? I would rather be dead.
Watch this movie.


What would be the equivalent of that in the Bay Area? Bayview, East Palo Alto, Antioch came to mind…


Nothing in the BA is as bad as the worst parts of LA…Worst crime in 10 years…LA is a shithole east of the 405…Compared to paradise in Malibu…definitely a third world environment. …Extreme wealth and deadly poverty…just a few miles apart

120,000 gang members …more than the total population all the bad Bay Area towns mentioned

LA is so big that these bad neighborhoods are unknown to most outsiders…Too many bad neighborhoods to count

The worst part of east LA has 177 violent crimes vs 1.2 per 100k in Bel Air…an amazing contrast


I have a long time friend who lives in South Shields. Yes, it can be pretty depressing. That place has a town hall that looks like a parliament building might in a small country. Built in different times.
The hospital in South Shields is closing; she’ll have to travel to Newcastle if she wants to see a doctor. That will mean skipping at least one meal.