Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance


hmm… the future is always hard to predict as that picture shows, besides the certainty of death and taxes of course :slight_smile:


When I talk to people, normal people, as I assumed he was one of them, I look at their face expressions, their manners, their tone of voice and this person stroke me as very well educated. I barely let people go for an hour or two without telling me what they do for a living and when I did, it really impressed me the way he described his life. Recruited by the CIA in the 50s, former pilot, made an investor at the end of his life and disappointed about what this country has turned into. And this is the type of people most everybody don’t want to hear. Why? Because most of us want to live in a bubble.


Hear yes, believe may be, agree may be. Always good to listen to as much opinions as your time permits. I got a life, you know :slight_smile:

If you believe in a system, whatever the system churns out you should accept it. If you don’t believe in the system, you should:
a. Leave, b. tolerate, c. change it.


I would choose A.



Yes, Shenzhen is the global tech hub of the future. It is on its way to eclipse Hong Kong and will do so to the Bay Area in the not so distant future.

Manch, if you want to uproot your lifestyle and move to Shenzhen now it’s the time to do so… :slight_smile:


I really need to look into buying properties in Shenzhen… Anyone here has done that?


The Economist just put out a special report on innovation in China.


Heah I just finished reading this article and then got bored with The Economist and came here :slight_smile:
Funny how they make the point that the area lags in employing Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, etc. Those are where the low hanging fruit are whether the products is made by man or machine. If you’re going to subsidize something it is better to subsidize knowledge. Subsidizing “things” whether they’re robots or something else leads to winners who aren’t the best but got the subsidies and losers who made a better product but didn’t get subsidized (this is an American problem as well). That in turn leads to other undesirable distortions.


My brother is going back to China soon. He owns properties in Guangzhou. I will ask him.


They can understand his mandarinized Cantonese?


Chinese innovation:


My family can speak both mandarin and Cantonese accent free, unlike some people…


Another way to indirectly play the Shenzhen boom is to buy properties in nearby Hong Kong. Chinese money is dominating the local property market there. HK still has better rule of law, safer food and cleaner environment than mainland.

But it’s not as good as owning in China directly.


HK does not have a tech presence. Property values already sky high. Makes no sense to buy anything there unless you actually want to live there. Stick with Shenzhen! It’s rocketing past Hong Kong in many ways already anyways.


Sure. Tell me how. :slight_smile: Any lenders lend out money on foreign income?


I think to buy anything there it is best to purchase with all cash… have you ever seen Chinese buyers financing their way to acquire Overseas properties? So don’t expect to be able to do so the other way around. Maybe you can establish an LLC with a few good men, pull funds together and buy some overseas properties.


Is there a housing bubble in Shenzgen and Hong Kong?

People in China are eager to buy houses in US. It would be interesting if Ameicans start buying Shenzhen. Its price is already comparable to Boston, even SJ. It’s probably out of reach for most of us due to lack of financing options


If you buy a property in China, isn’t your money then stuck in China? I don’t think you could just sell the property later and take the money out of China.


Not true at all. Tons of Chinese people moved their money out of China to invest in overseas real estate.

But if I did own a piece of good property in Shenzhen I don’t think I would ever want to sell.