Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance


What a world we live in where the US government rips up trade deals and the Chinese government produces excellent propaganda in favor of free trade.


Awful production… just, awful :slight_smile:


Really? I like it. It has pretty catchy tune.


They should’ve hired Justin Bieber and spread the message in his music videos.


One belt one road is intended to create interdependence.
Long term would prevent China from adopting the silly closed door policy that lead to a century behind the rest of the world. Well, unless someone like Chinese version of Trumps come along.


I’m not sure China was behind because it closed down. Japan also closed down. India never closed down.


closed door. called other culture barbaric and doesn’t want to learn from them. Ming + Ching banned technology. also massacred intellectuals. all these stopped with Deng Xiao Ping in charge. In just a few decades, China is now about 2-3 decades behind USA.


My theory is that Chinese people, while good at adapting technology, were not good with innovative disruption. So Asians tend to follow more than they can lead… Same with Japan, except Japan is smaller so it can move faster. China is too big so takes time.


You’re talking about now or before Ming? Now China is adapting technology from USA and Europe because they are still 2-3 decades behind. Before Ming, China is the leader in technology e.g. gun powder/ gun invention, digital computer, civil engineering, etc.


Now and before Ming… always behind Middle East or Europe or America. Never number 1.

Yes Chinese invented paper and gunpowder and compass and printing and a few other things but they are still pretty insignificant compared to what other civilizations have invented.


Please don’t joke with me, USA doesn’t exist then. Point me to some history books about innovation. Btw, didn’t China also discover steel first?


Why did China, at one point a very advanced society technologically, eventually fall so far behind the Europeans?

Well, Singaporeans don’t learn China history, we learn the history of Malay archipelago and the British empire :grin:
So I have to assume you’re right. My knowledge is gathered from the web which can be very wrong :relaxed:


I learned Chinese history in Hong Kong, and @wuqijun is very wrong. :slight_smile:

Many know the “4 big inventions” of China. But they are just the tech side. There are others that are lesser known, like the first paper currency, large scale central government structure, large city organization etc.

The One Belt One Road is very smart policy, and I suspect it will prove every critic wrong.


Um… I think Chinese historians tend to overly glorify their own country and its accomplishments. You can’t blame them because every other country does the same.


Don’t have to be the first, just do it a bit better.


Oh…shut up!
China invented Bruce Lee…that’s the best guy ever! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now, who would’ve thought that dumping sand over and over in one place would create an island…:scream:


Bruce lee is born in sf if i remember correctly


Yes, San Francisco invented Bruce Lee, of all places…


I just know that anything Bruce Lee was referred as coming from China. At least that was my perception when I was young and watching his movies.

His Hong Kong and Hollywood-produced films elevated the traditional Hong Kong martial arts film to a new level of popularity and acclaim, sparking a surge of interest in Chinese martial arts in the West in the 1970s.

Anyway, what were we saying?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’re talking about China promoting free trade while America turns back to protectionism. Which is fine. I think it’s time for US to take a backseat and let China run the world… :slight_smile: