Be Prepared To Be Sued!

If you don’t remember, let me make you understand something. We have kept the Saudis on the back burner for various reasons. One is that even though the majority of the terrorists from 9-11 were Saudis, suing that country would tangle us into a nightmare of huge proportions. We can also be sued by any bomb wrongly falling in the vicinity of an alleged terrorist compound as it happened in hospitals, homes, by Bush’s, Obama’s administration and Twhitler recently with the loss of 28 innocent people, which included the destruction of a Muslim mosque. Not including the failed raid in Yemen with an American girl dying and 30+ dead.

So, Saudi Arabia is being sued by the families of some 9-11 victims. My heat goes to them, but bad, bad, bad for our future interventions in any other country. That is, if we care for law and order internationally.

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