Beats Any SV Job

Well, in a kinda fun way…

Pizza lovers don’t go to Pizza hut…The worst pizza in America…just like Taco bell is the worst Mexican food…


I love Taco Bell. The “cheese” sauce is pure awesomeness. Maybe I’ll get a dozen crunchy tacos and a nacho bell grande for dinner tonight .

Do people still think Taco Bell is Mexican food? :smiley: If they do, we might have to put a wall around those Taco Bells. :joy:

I used to subsist on Taco Bell cheese burritos in college… now I can’t stand them. No, I don’t think Taco Bell is Mexican food at all.

I had pizza at this “build your own pizza” place at Stonestown last night. The place was packed with college kids. Very good business. Maybe I should find a way in…

I thought back in the day, it was that Top Ramen… a whole freaking large pack of it!!!

Taco bell doesn’t cook its food…It assembles its heated frozen ingredients. .Brillant way to save the cost of a vent and other expensive equipment. .They do the test tasting in Birmingham, Alabama. …A classic case of American corporate BS creating the worst food ever( run for the border…lol)…Followed closely by Carls Jr. (Reheats frozen precooked burgers. …fucking letovers) and Pizza hut whose 50 years experience has failed to make an edible crust. .a corporate culture that has no idea want real cheese is, that has never been to Italy and has no clue what fresh buffalo mozzarella is …or that the best tomatos come from Naples and are slightly sweet grape sized and left to dry a bit on the vine after picking…
However my all time pick for the most vile food in America is Arby’s…just the thought of their fatty over salty rubbery simulated meat makes me nauseous

Which chain has the best pizza? I like the thin crust types.

Amici’s is pretty darn good. Only pizza wifey wants. New England clam.

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Looks good bro. Will give a try.