Berkeley market is hot

I have heard of multiple offers and prices 40% over asking
This a a modern house. Cool looking but is definitely vertical living

Looks like a library to me…

Wonder how worried potential buyers are of fire up there

i always wonder about this. I know people in Orinda are having trouble getting insurance and I wonder about Berkeley

I doubt it’s a issue. Berkeley had a fire in 1923. But
it is a older city. Less foliage than Orinda. I am sure some areas are more fire prone than others. Berkeley is beautiful with some of the best views in the BA. The low school scores hurt property values. But plenty of people are attracted to the restaurants lifestyle central location parks and views. And all the amenities a University town offers. Plus Berkeley has very cool unique homes, unrivaled in the whole BA

I like this one better. More homey.

Pending. Sorry you missed it . Get the hell out of San Francisco
Expand your horizons

Here is something like the house I grew up in. Although
this one is twice the size and over the top.
Pre war houses are rare now. This kind of craftsmanship
is not done anymore.

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San Francisco is RED HOT too.

All types of houses or only SFHs. I would be surprised if condos are hot. Surprise me?

Condos are last to go up and first to go down. Condos will be hot soon. They already are in Tahoe, multi offers even last summer
The Berkeley house shown is thread will get multiple offers

2706 Shasta Rd has a bid date

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Millbrae, pending in 3 days.

Cmon! I thought everybody is moving to Austin?! Was hoping to find some deals!

Four couples leave parents to form families. One stay, one go to Austin, one go to Denver, one go to Miami. House owners everywhere in the States should be happy.

Condos are still lagging since there’s a lot. But condos in the Penisula are moving swiftly


Burlingame. Pending in 6 days.

Man. People buying $3M houses like they are buying vegetables…

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$7M house in Hillsborough pending in 13 days. Is this you @wuqijun ?


Here is another shot of the resort:

Union City, pending in 8 days.

Well Redwood city based used cloth marketplace Poshmark is worth $5.3b.

I will never understand the reason to buy 7M home for 2-4 (assumption!) apart from, I have money and I buy!

In nice area of union city but wow over 1.1M now?

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