Bernal Love Reported In NY Times

Some Big Apple love for BH…

All houses in BH have teeny tinny lots. Some cute shops on Cortland but only for a block or two. The rest is pretty dead. Not a fan.

Maybe one day BH will be more expensive than St Francis Woods? :smile:

This, will never ever happen. St Francis Wood just looks and smells like old money.

Never say never. Noe Valley is now much more expensive than SFW. Glen Park will soon if not already. So why not Bernal?

Well, like you mentioned, too small lots and quite frankly there is nothing there to be a destination type of neighborhood. SFW offers nice huge lots on pretty impressive looking streets with fountains in the intersections and a sense of a gated community with its stone street entrances. You can’t get much better curb appeal than SFW. I get the allure of Noe Valley but honestly I would still take SFW over that and easily Glen Park. Come on, which is more impressive: I live in St Francis Wood or I live in Glen Park???

Noe valley is more impressive now. 5 years from now glen park will be. And after 10 maybe bernal? Blame the soulless tech crowd. I am just a messenger.

Places like St Francis Wood will always be coveted. Just like Sea Cliff or Pac Heights. These are nicer areas of SF that have stood the test of time and for good reason. These are the neighborhoods of the rich and famous. Generally safer and places are elegant if not to the point of excess. To think that lil Glen Park will overtake St Francis Wood is a reach. Let’s put it this way, would a person trade SFW for Glen Park or vice versa? No one in SFW would trade for Glen Park.

More love for BH from

Bernal may be hot. But lake Tahoe is number 5 nationwide for a small tourist town.

Lake Tahoe is ranked as:

#2 in Best Relaxing Getaways in the USA
#2 in Best Ski Destinations in the USA
#4 in Best Winter Vacations
#5 in Best Small Towns to Visit in the USA
#6 in Best Affordable Honeymoons in the USA
#6 in Best Ski Destinations
#6 in Best Adventure Vacations in the USA
#7 in Best Honeymoon Destinations in the USA

Median sales record last 6 months on Refin:

St. Francis Wood: 2.6M
Noe Valley: 1.78M
Glen Park: 1.41M
Bernal Heights: 1.33M
Inner Sunset: 1.66M
Inner Parkside: 1.43M

SFW is more valuable than even Noe Valley, and by a far margin. Not even close!
Inner Sunset/Parkide is more valuable than Glen Park and Bernal Heights!

For as long as I was a lad taking the old green surface Muni trains out to Lowell from downtown, SFW was highly desired and sought after. Nothing will change that. Exclusivity cost big money. You could own a tent in SFW and it would be impressive.

I am sure Central and Outer Sunset is up there in terms of number of sales and probably just over 1M in terms of median selling price which is not bad. Come on, Sunset homes used to be nothing and now the tables have turned. With the way that temperatures have crept up higher and higher inland, people may laugh, but the coastal areas where it is much cooler and milder will be even more valuable. Karl The Fog was welcomed last night. No one is complaining about how cold the Sunset is, trust me…

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I am counting on rent controlled buyers…For the price of a modest Sunset bungalow you can get a waterfront mansion in Tahoe Keys…Keep your rent controlled SF apartment and have a vacation home…
$1.5m homes in Tahoe can gross $150k/year rents for 150 nights… $1000/n…Still can live in the City and have 215 nights to yourself in Tahoe…and can make a better return than on an investment property in the BA…You can literally have your cake and eat it too…
Say $100k net on $1.5m almost a 7cap…never mind the value of 215 nights of personal use

You need to do a promo tv spot for SLT… the boys are skipping a gathering in SLT this year but my wifey and I may head up next weekend for the Fourth weekend. Is there any snow left? Wife has NEVER seen snow live…

Still plenty above 8000 ft…You can take the heavenly gondola up and then walk up to 10000 ft…will be plenty of snow…We are going to ski squaw valley on the 4th

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Thanks for the tip. A long time ago we went mountain biking down Squaw. Scared the crap out of me…

This neighborhood is changing. I just saw 5+ houses actively being flipped on 1 street alone.

Are you looking back in SF? Bernal is pretty good. It’s sunny, unlike Sunset. :wink:

Weather doesn’t mean much. Case in point: Bayview.

Yeah, I hear it is really, really “hot” (see postings on Superfund cleaning scandal)…

Not seriously looking, but just our routine way of spending lazy weekends (going to open houses) :sunglasses:

Between Glen Park / Bernal, Glen Park definitely felt more upscale. Am I mistaken?