Berryessa/Milpitas N. San Jose Landscape - BART, Flea market, Apple, Google and more

Hi fellow RE experts,
Just wanted to get you thoughts about the Berryessa/Milpitas landscape, on how it is going to change, given the upcoming BART, Flea market going away, Apple/Google campuses coming up, etc.
Please share any other news that you have about the area.


There are a number of gBuses in the area that seem to be popular. I think the traffic from that direction into MV is quite awful, so I would rather pay more to live closer to work… (on the other hand, MV and Cupertino are quite expensive now)

I think it’s more instructive to look at appreciation in that area in the past 10 years versus places closer to AAPL and GOOG headquarters. I suspect it was better to buy closer to their HQ’s. People are willing to pay a huge premium to be walking distance to work.

Prices have already shot up. The area feels way too suburban to me. It’ll probably keep going up in value though especially where Ruskin and Noble elementary schools are.

Berryessa area is the best bet today. Prices are not too much and with BART and companies coming close by, the future appreciation is highly probable

Agree Berryessa is good buy. BART is opening in 2017 I heard.

Of all the new BART stations coming on line in 2017, Berryessa is the cheapest, correct?

I like Berryessa. But if you are commuting West to Sunnyvale / Mountain View, living in Berryessa (good school parto f Berryessa) adds about 10-12 more mins than living in Milpitas (near Milpitas Public Library). And still not too far from Bart (I prefer SFH over Townhouse/Apartment which what you find very close to Bart). But either choice will do.

I assume you are referring to Apple & Google signing leases for big spaces in North San Jose back in December? I think both Milpitas & Berryessa will be able to make to those locations in 20 mins.