Best city and foreign country to buy properties

Assuming you are looking for good appreciation, at least a double in 5 years. Where is the best spot to buy today?

What’s the best US city to buy properties now for a double in 5 years?

What’s the best country to buy properties now for a double in 5 years?

Only buy local. If you are convinced of a location you should buy other than your current city then maybe it’s time to move…

SFBA is getting expensive and I think its investment worthiness is at doubt.

Anyone is familiar with Vietnam? I have an urge to explore Vietnam as a target.

Doesn’t matter if you bought back in 2011. If you think it’s too expensive now then you should not be buying at all. All real estate rise and fall together.

Really? Do you speak Vietnamese?

SFBA has lost its long term investment appeal. Flipping can still work but buy/hold is very hard to do now. Plus, inventory is very low.

No, I don’t speak Vietnamese. Language should not be a barrier since so many Vietnamese Americans are going back to serve us.

Good luck with your money not getting swindled… :rofl:

Only because you haven’t been looking hard enough. Plenty of cheap buying opportunities especially in the east bay and solano county.

Stick with bitcoin …Chasing high caps around the world is a fools game…Hanera went all the way to Texas…there are higher caps in Sacramento

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Fools game indeed… :rofl:

Work with Jil.

Wow how did that idea come about…don’t tell me you want to buy properties there because you like pho…

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Vietnam is a communist country. How is property owned?
How will you able to read a sales contract?

I am actually very bullish on Vietnam. They are like little China. But I am kinda scared because I don’t know the language. And they are pretty crafty people.

Plus I like pho too. Can’t hurt. :smile:

If any of you are able to buy anything in Vietnam then I’ll fly straight off to Syria and buy some properties in ISIS homeland… I’m betting on a post-war boom there… :rofl:


Vietnam is copying what China has done with their economy. Maybe Saigon home price will catch Shanghai some day.

I’m also curious about Cuba. Is Cuban house cheap? We can buy at the pre-capitalist stage before their economy take off. One concern is the huriccane

Vietnam will never be like China, too small an economy.

That will never happen considering the IQ of an average Vietnamese is 20 points lower than the IQ of an average Chinese.

There are newspaper ads in Hong Kong for Vietnamese properties. It’s not as exotic as you think.