Best IPO Year Since Dot Com



AirBnb is only 31B? Maybe the bubble is not major



The company priced its equity at about $120 per share when it purchased the last-minute room provider HotelTonight, according to people familiar with the matter, for more than $450 million earlier this month. That deal sent both stock and cash to HotelTonight shareholders.

Airbnb’s most recent internal valuation, or a 409a valuation that is done for accounting purposes, has since increased to about $38 billion, according to a source close to the company. The HotelTonight deal used Airbnb’s old 409a valuation from the fall of 2018.

At that price, Airbnb would be privately valued at more than booking rivals like Expedia at $18 billion and hotel chains like Hilton at $25 billion, but less than Marriott at $43 billion or Booking Holdings at $80 billion.



Did not know people still use Pinterest…


Housewives use Pinterest.



AMZN is like a VC fund small fries like us can actually buy into.


I am seeing different news now


By “drop” they meant they have filed their S1. Terrible phasing.

But their revenue is not close to their own projection.


anybody use pinterest here?

I set up an account long time back… and logged in a couple of times…


Zoom ipo is coming too.

My company just replaced WebEx by Zoom, seems to be the norm now.


Reason: Cost, security or better functionality?


Warning, Warning, Warning

Be aware, too many IPOs trying to grab public money before the market is going to be doomed.

All these IPOs, LYFT, PINS, UBER…etc adding economic pressures to current market, by listing low percentage of shares (scarcity of shares to have high premium) at high premium (more than double priced).

Banks/Underwriters promote such IPOs, with greediness, to gain high commission, but they need to offload those shares at the head of public. Scarcity creates prices to go up temporarily, but when IPO lock period is over it is likely to come down.

Meanwhile many of the IPO companies will not get into profit stage, rather go down in loss, as US (and world) economies are coming down. The price will likely go down like burst.

Read the second chapter of Margin of safety for more info on conflict of interest and how walls street works.

By these IPOs, companies will get cash, but the public (investors, funds, Hedge funds) will lose or underwriters (Banks/Institutions) will lose money.

Be intelligent and grab only at low price and if you have confidence on company fundamentals.

For speculation, you can get in and get out any time, with your own risk. Good Luck…


Mostly cost and speed. We use it as well.


Tell me more about speed. I never felt Webex was slow or zoom had better speed.


My company has been using Zoom for two years. I’m a program manager so I personally use Zoom for my multiple meetings/day. Zoom has worked very well. No complaints. I haven’t used Web-Ex, so I can’t compare.


The journalist hates Pinterest so she used “drop” to release her hate :innocent: