Best online resource to find auctions, foreclosures, short sales or not upgraded houses in Bay Area

As the heading says it all. I would like to know reliable online and onsite information regarding auctions, foreclosures, short sales, sale by owners and not upgraded houses in Bay area. I could compile a list for future use…

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I can’t imagine there are many auctions, foreclosures or short sales in the Bay Area at this point. Lots of not upgraded homes but you aren’t likely to get them at bargain prices. If you are looking for a deal, I would wait and buy during the next recession.

I got a few tickets to the free house flipping seminars. If you are interested, I can scan and post it here. I guess they will teach this kind of stuff.

Anyone been to this kind of seminars?

This run down shack is listed for 2M . Bay Area market is hotter than ever, there is no possibility of foreclosures in this market.

Flipping at this point in the economic cycle is risky. You may get lucky or more likely truly screwed.

Many counties now do their auctions at The best deals aren’t going to be posted out in the public. You can network with realtors to get on their pocket listing deals. But be prepared to make cash offers.

Thank you all for your replies!!!

Live there with 500K down one needs to pay $5K a month for each room…
The price will soon reduce to something the market can accept.
Sam Shueh Reator