Best out of state location

We need to study the best out of state options now.

Let’s compare Austin, Denver, Seattle, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Nashville.

  1. If economy is the same and money is not a concern, please rank these cities in terms of desirability.

  2. Please rank long term economic prosperity.

  3. Please rank long term housing appreciation.

  4. Please rank long term rent growth.

  5. Please rank the long term overall investment potential.

  6. What other OOS location do you recommend?

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Don’t know anything about Denver.

• Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) will expand its Denver Tech Hub with a new 90,000 square foot office downtown, which joins the Boulder office that opened last fall.

• The company plans to create 400 new high-tech jobs, more than doubling the area employee count.

• Amazon has a total of 17 North American Tech Hubs.