Best Real Estate Blogs of 2016

Tons of resources for the real estate junkies among us. I only read Bubbleinfo and occasionally the Redfin Realtime. FAIL! Need to read more. I used to follow the BiggerPocket blog, but find its listicle pretty lame. Maybe I should go back and check it out again.

Interestingly neither the Zillow nor the Trulia blog made the cut…

I see many covering the investing side, including apartments and CRE. Anyway, good resources.

Good to know. Maybe one day, Manch, one day, we get picked up that this site, your site, is a powerful place for investors and home owners alike to come and partake in the discussion that revolves around some of the most expensive and dynamic real estate around in the US if not in the world. Sure, we are not the most expensive in the world but who can doubt the impact that this region has on the world?

I think we need t-shirts with your logo on them…:grin:

The bigger pocket forum is ranked mich higher than this one with many more members. But I never felt totally comfortable there. It’s too uptight and all about deals and money. Yeah I like money myself but BP somehow doesn’t strike me as tasteful.

So what I am saying is the number 1 goal of this site is for us to feel comfortable, to hang out and share. I really want to encourage more people share and speak particularly women. That’s all. Nothing too ambitious. :blush: