Bill Gates: Let's move to Arizona


Bill just wants a small 25,000 acre city with the top notch high tech.

What are you waiting for to follow him?


No way. There’s no water there. It would be a drain on natural resources to have to divert water to support such undertaking. One needs to have an environmentally conscious mindset these days.


But I heard you go to Las Vegas and while there you spend water, how dare you! :sweat_smile:


Yes, that state is really, really hot. I have friends there, and they tell me that if they didn’t have air conditioning, they would be toast.


Um… so should I kill myself? Because every moment I’m alive it’s a drain on natural resources… :thinking:



Ecological balance!


Tell you the truth, shh…don’t tell anybody here…but if you kill yourself, do it with a gun, so a pathological person will come to show us the data of how it happened. :sweat_smile:

Your friends here? They will cry…nah! The won’t miss you! One less contender. :joy:


No… a gun is too painful. Preferably some medicine this will cause you to take a nap and you pass away during your sleep…


Why? Because it will hurt you? :joy:

Better yet. I went to see my doctor, he suggested an endoscopy. They put me on a bed with what and IV I thought was anesthesia. Gee! I said, I am Superman, the anesthesia doesn’t affect me!

20 minutes went by, the nurse comes back and drags me to another room with a monitor on my left hand side. The doctor says his name, mentions the monitor where “if you see anything interesting, you let me know”, meanwhile, he says, the nurse is there to give you anesthesia, and I see the nurse applying the rubber band to my arm, I feel the pinch on my arm, then the doctors says “mr buyinghouse” look at the monitor and if you…

Next thing I remember is the doctor asking me how I liked the procedure? :joy:

That’s how I would like to go. Switch the lights off, go to hell. :star_struck: