Bitcoin Bubble


trade volume continues to grow… I posted a few hours ago that the 24h volume was 41k BTC, it’s now 44k BTC.

Although… this may have to do with the schedule maintenance of GDAX last night (10pm - midnight).


When are you guys meeting? What’s the agenda? :slight_smile:


We’re going to discuss the investment strategies… come join us! :wink:


Add me to the invite… will tag along with @BAJacket


The main point is bitcoin continuously declining.

Trade volume does not mean buying, it can be selling too. If too many people shed bitcoin, volume increases and price decreases. IMO, that is what going on now ! See further slide in next screen today!


Crypto currencies have lost half their value, which is good news. It is good because a $500b loss won’t infect the $80trillon world economy. If crypto had another 1000% gain it would have taken us into a world recession in a crash.
Best case senario is another 50% drop. It will remove the speculation and stabilize the market.


Yes, it would have hit every nook and corner of the world, and widespread in USA !



Doesn’t growing volume during a decline mean the sell off is intensifying?


Probably. The 24h volume is 64k BTC now! It bounced back up to 8500 now… I missed that 7600 dip


The trend is negative…Same with pot stocks…You would think the more millienials lose on bitcoin their pot consumption would increase…lol

What bitcoins investors don’t understand is it’s only appeal was that it had skyrocketing appreciation, now that is gone, the emperor has no clothes, game over.

It was stagnant for 8 years, and then some Japanese speculators manipulated the market last year. Like the Hunt brothers with silver in 1980…silver still hasn’t recovered


Pot stocks are down, because Sessions reversed an Obama admin policy. Obama’s administration said if a state legalized pot, then the federal government wouldn’t interfere and enforce federal laws against it. Sessions said they wouldn’t follow that policy which means even if your state allows it, you could face federal charges.


Don’t worry plenty of buying opportunities ahead at much lower discount… :rofl:


Step aside potcoin. Introducing porncoin:


ALL IN babe


I think @tomato should change his pic to this. Profile pics make you seem more “real” on a forum :smiley:


You are lucky again. Bitcoin is crashing down irrrecoverable mode. For sure, it will settle between $1000 and $5000 ( pure BS guess work ! )


So are we having another bet between @wuqijun and @tomato?

Round 1: 5k by Jan 31 2018. @wuqijun lost.
Round 2?


Why “sure”??

Volume is down to 50k… I guess the asian investors need sleep too


15k by 3/15/2018. :smiley: