Bitcoin Bubble


Bet one Starbucks coffee that it won’t crash below $5000 before Feb 11.


Round 2 bet: guessing @manch’s net worth. Whoever turns out to be the closest wins. Winner will be treated to a beer bash at Bj’s by all the losers. Everyone start wagering now and @manch to tell us the result!!!

My wager: $5M :wink:


Give the proof on how you arrived at that number. Since no one knows the answer, we’ll have a poll to select the winner



No proof needed! Just try your best guess and @manch will select a winner himself :wink:


My wager: $5.1M


Just make a guess, he has,
a primary in SF
5 rentals in SJ, Oakland, Santa Rosa, Roseville, Stockton
an import business
a stock portfolio

Winner selected by manch.


5.15M yesterday, 5M today


I know for sure it is $8.88M because whenever he goes over it, he just puts it into his crypto wallet that I’m managing. Gotta keep the 8s. He will only pull out of crypto when it is 18.88M :smiley:


you guys are all missing the point. manch is the real winner with that net worth.


Don’t philosophize. Place your bet.

No need so much qualification. Whoever he chooses may not represent his net worth. We are honoring his decision whoever he chooses.

BAJacket $8.88M
BAGB $5.15M
hanera $5.1M
wuqijun $5.0M


Nah. You guys are all losers. :smile:

Focus on your own networth. Mine took a bad beating today. Thanks for nothing trump! :rage:


As forum leader you have to select a winner!!! You must!!! :rofl:


The only thing that matters is how attractive your wife is. I have you all beat… well at least according to my wife…lol


Stop giving us all those @sfdragonboy type of nonsense and place your bet! :rofl:


I thought I did, $2500 bitcoin price. Then the speculation will go away and it will flatten out


Stocks drop due to the strong job market and rising long term rate. It matches Greenspan theory days ago.

Both stocks and bond are doing poorly today. Housing price is still going up!;_ylc=X1MDMTE5Nzc4NDE4NQRfZXgDMQRfeXJpZANmc2hraGl0ZDc5czhwBGcDZFhWcFpEeHVjejVqTldZeU9UVTFOeTFrWkdOa0xUTTVPRGN0T1dSbFlpMDBPRFE0WldObU9EUXpNaloxZFdsa1BHNXpQbDVVVGxnPQ0KBGxhbmcDZW4tVVMEb3JpZ19sYW5nA2VuBG9yaWdfcmVnaW9uA1VTBHBvcwMxBHJlZ2lvbgNVUwRzeW1ib2wDXlROWA--?.tsrc=applewf


Really??? So you are saying @manch is only worth $2500 and even that will decline further with bitcoin’s demise… ok, noted… I think @manch might just pick you as the winner… :rofl:


Do you know that when you’re in love with a beautiful woman is hard and need to watch your friends? I see why you dare not invite us to your house :thinking:


Hey, hey, hey, find your own material…:grinning:

(why am I in this thread?)


I think if you show us some of your dance moves that’d be make you more real Aaron.