Bitcoin Bubble


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak bought bitcoin at $700—and cashed out when the price shot up

“I had bitcoin to experiment with and when it shot up high, I said, ‘I don’t want to become one of those people that watches it, watches it and cares about the number.’ I don’t want that kind of care in my life,” Wozniak says to an audience at the Nordic Business Forum in Sweden on January 24.


Except that the Woz did not sell it all.

[…] except just enough to still experiment with," Wozniak says. He is interested in using bitcoin to pay for things, he explains.

The “small amount” that he kept is probably a lot more than I would be willing and capable of buying today.


Me too. I’m also keeping a healthy reserve if it dips much lower. Market is trading sideways right now. I don’t expect it to do much until after Feb 16th.


??? It is dropping like a rock. Nothing sideway about it…


You got to order your special crypto shades to see the chart. It operates different than normal. 1 week = 6 months in the stock market world :smiley:

Maybe I’ll up the ante and put my money where my mouth is. 1% net worth time!


The Woz has been a has been for 30 years. Does anyone care what he says? Even Greenspan has more credibility


Below 7500. Falling knife so hard to catch… hands already bleeding silly… :rofl:


Every time Ptieman buys, sell


Where is Mr. Chamath’s wisdom now? Like Peter Thiel, he’s merely a VC who got lucky a few times. They have been wrong before and can be wrong again. Nobody’s perfect… :rofl:


With bitcoin, none of this Applies, it is pure speculative !


I’ll rather be lucky than to be right.
I’ll rather be rich than to be smart.


It is amazing how many bitcoin supporters on Facebook are convinced in a collapse of fiat currencies. Same kind of bears as in 2009. Being bearish is a dumb investment philosophy. Investors should be optimistic. If not just be a consumer. Live for the minute. Invest in sex drugs and rocknroll


VCs are wrong 80% of the time. I don’t get why people always think they are the smartest investors. The most noted ones hit 1 moon shot in their career then spend the rest of their life trying to replicate it and being wrong.


Only manch thinks so :slight_smile:

Once a lifetime is sufficient :wink:


OK…here it goes!

Raise your hand if you made $1 million on Bitcoin.

I guess I will die before I see a hand. :smile::smile::smile::smile:


Bloggers here are Johnny come late, don’t tease them. It seems they are in less than a year ago. We don’t know what will happen 10 years from now, the one who might make a million dollars from crypto could be @ptiemann. I wonder how hard is to crack the encryption. Is it easy to steal gold from Mt Gox or crack the encryption of crypto?

Below $7k, within the worthwhile tradable zone!

I can’t see the future :slight_smile: Replacing gold with bitcoin as a storage of value is a great idea but I’m not sure about the encryption won’t be cracked. Pretty sure when the reward is high enough, someone is smart enough to crack it.


Honestly I don’t think @ptiemann will make any money off of bitcoin, you are being too generous.


Why put labels on people? Anyone can be smart on certain things regardless of their occupations or even education levels. VC can be smart on some things and dumb on others.


Defending yourself or the VCs? Just a tease, don’t be so serious, everything also want to defend :roll_eyes:. Agree with your “answer” though don’t understand why is the answer to your question :grin:


I don’t own bitcoins. But the mood on this thread is too one sided on the bearish side. Makes me want to know more about the bull side.