Bitcoin Bubble


Let’s face it all us stock owners lost a lot of money today. But everyone still seems in good humor. Because we are all real estate investors first.


Wrong. I’m first and foremost a stock investor.


I am investor first. In what depends on situations.


Miraculously I am still up for the year. I should be down big tomorrow. :smile:


Haven’t pump in cash into account yet. I want to see whether the exchange would go bust :slight_smile: Counter-party and intermediary risk :man_dancing:


no, back then I said “I may not be able to get my $8000 order filled” (meaning, either not enough sellers at that price, or price does not go to $8000 at all). I did not mean that servers could not handle the load.

That said, should the price go below $500, it’s unclear how many orders there would be. It might be less orders, but each of a larger volume (only a few believers left).

Edit: I have read accusations that Coinbase / GDAX suspended trading when the big correction started around 12/22/2017.


So long you didn’t hold the big losers, should be positive. My sCap portfolio is positive for the year too. And of course, last year :wink:


My poll showed that most people here have most of their networth in RE. Hanera and wuqijun are never sellers for stocks so they don’t care.

People just talk about stocks for entertainment here


Um… doesn’t matter the technicality of what you said. Bottom line is that catching a falling knife like what you are doing right now is unwise.


Correction. Never seller of AAPLs and S&P index fund :wink:


Dude… i am the winner of the bets these days. Be careful :slight_smile:


You are kind of short-sighted…


You mean the bet with wuqijun? He let you win. He wants to know who you are. Is why he is so afraid that you might not attend the meet up on Feb 11. Would you chicken out and dare not claim your winnings?


Today like October 1987 is the reason I only have 5% of net worth in stocks
Real estate can be a pain in the ass but has a lot less volatility.


Nah, i will come even for an hour :slight_smile:


Um… you made it sound like I’m desperate for attention… which might be true… :rofl:




OMG, you are not understanding the scam or speculation…

Even after repeated warnings, you still feel that bitcoin will recover…

Whatever money you put in bitcoin now becomes zero or worthless in few months if stock continues to crash…

Ok, for our forum member sake, stay away from bitcoin for one month, you will realize the mistake of putting money on bitcoin.

If stocks crash 20% or more, everything will be stand still including the real estate.


The stock market is a bummer. But it looks like no snow for the next month is a bigger bummer for us skiers.
My 66 year old ski buddy ended up in the emergency room today after hitting a hidden rock. Massive hematoma on his left arm. Conditions are like late April. Plus very little snow on the ground.


Bitcoin back over 7000, Dead cat bounce?