Bitcoin Bubble


Is obvious there would be a re-bounce, whether is a DCB or resumption of uptrend, we don’t know yet. Is why I dare to bet 1 Starbucks coffee that it won’t decline below $5000 before Feb 11. If it is a DCB, it would resume downtrend and $5000 would not hold. Nobody dare to bet because they are not confident of their views, neither am I, 50-50 is good enough to make a bet. Too sure is not a fair bet.





People between the ages the ages of 18 and 39 are less likely to invest money in the stock market than other generations, studies show. Only one in three millennials are investing in the stock market, compared to 51% of people of the following generation (36-51) and 48% of baby boomers (52-70), a 2016 study from personal-finance site Bankrate found.

And millennials appear much more willing to invest their money in cryptocurrencies than other generations, a recent poll from Swell Investing, a California-based investment company that focuses on social justice oriented portfolios, concluded.

Hopefully millennials are less crazy in 2018.


New York-based public relations associate Carissa Hilliard, 28, has never invested a single dollar in the stock market, but spent weeks researching cryptocurrencies. She invested $100. “I’ve always wanted to invest but it seemed like you needed to have an extensive background in it to do well,” she said. “With crypto I felt it evened the playing field more because it was new.”

I bet she spent more than $100 on a pair of shoes.


This seems to be a good use of blockchain.


Dead cat bouncing along the $7k - $8k range… :rofl:


Nearly 20 percent of people who own cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin went into debt to buy it, or bought it on margin.

That’s the finding of a survey of more than 3,000 people conducted in mid-January by CoinDesk, a New York-based provider of price data, information and news about digital tokens.


stupid people.


That is why I have been so anti bitcoin. I think it showed that people will buy anything on the way up and will sell everything on the way down. Not a good indicator for a healthy stock market.


I think you can also say the same about the real estate market… the only difference is that their home get foreclosed on the way down rather than actively selling it… :rofl:


1987 was a great year for RE. Stocks are liquid. RE is not.
All that cash out there not in stock has to go somewhere.


Ok I just got into contract for 2 homes so I hope you are right. Up up and away with home prices!!! :rofl:


As my Italian friends say. Don’t worry about it. Or Fugetaboutit


Both for flipping?


Now I understand, why the deposits were there and where it is going…Still have doubts did you sell all your shares and bought these homes?..


I’m not answering no more from you… you asked too much and shared too little. Go stalk on someone else! :rofl:


Why are you always under the impression that I sold my stocks? I don’t need to sell any stocks to come up with a million dollars you know. Also, that’s not what this money is used for… :wink:


Ok I give in… only because you “liked” my post. I think one is for flipping and the other is a rental. :wink:


Good to have buyers on here