Bitcoin Bubble


As a reciprocal, I’ll share a duplex listing in CCC :joy:


“Foster said she is familiar with the property and met the buyer. She described him as a local man who created at least some of his wealth through dealing in cryptocurrency.”

“Lots of young billionaires in the Seattle market are looking to acquire real estate,” she said.


Don’t like this idea but its out there

"The City of Berkeley, one of the epicenters of liberal California, is considering a turn to cryptocurrency to reduce its reliance on federal funding in the Trump administration."

Without oversight crypto seems too unstable to be taken as anything more than a gamble.


how is federal funding & bitcoin related?

Are they putting money into bitcoin as their investment vehicle? sounds dumb.

I admit, did not read the article.


I’m probably the last person to ask but it says the city is looking at issuing a coin (ico) in place of traditional bonds for public financing. (This came up in response to a Trump tweet where pulling federal funding somehow was suggested.)


issuing bonds, so something like muni? Why does this need to be on blockchain? They can already do that today, no?


Because people buying ICO’s don’t expect to be repaid, ever. Free money, why not?


i guess that’s true :slight_smile:


It’s between 8 and 9 now. How long can a dead cat hoover? Is it already time to cancel my order at $5500?


Seems like the dead cat has grown a pair of wings… Yes, you can cancel that $5500 order. :wink:


but ZCL and hold.


Buy before 2/28 before it’s too late :wink:




2/28 is the snapshot date. They are forking it and creating Bitcoin Private.


2018 2 28. There ain’t no more auspicious date. BUY!!!


Binance founder CZ Zhao. The world’s fastest billionaire.


Maybe I’m thinking about cryptos the same way people were thinking about dot coms back in the 90s. Is it really going to change the world the way internet did?


You’re still thinking about it in the context of currency, which I think will have a place, but I think it’s really the DApps that are going to be game changing. Crypto 3.0 era.


When FED is increasing rate, all FAT money will be gone. IMO, all hypes will fade away in a year or two. Speculative assets like cryptos will be history after 2 years.


One question, 2 polar opposite answers… :laughing: