Bitcoin Bubble


It has been really really boring lately.


I think I’m going to give it another 4 years before the next recession.


Transactions plunged from a seven-day average of almost 400,000 in mid-December to about 200,000 this week, according to research firm The last time it was this low, the currency traded below $500.

Transactions waiting to be officially recognized by the Bitcoin network dropped from a seven-day average of 130 million bytes in early January to about 35 million now.


Game changer!! Crypto index fund everybody!


Is this a little late to the game!


Nobody cares about bitcoins anymore? Maybe it’s indication to buy some?


I’m not sure if the fall is complete. Maybe wait another year to see if it has flatlined.


Could be technical re-bounce is over.


Stop the BS and you, yes! You! The one defending bitchcoin tell us how good you made it when it was at the 16K mark? :smile::smile::smile::smile:

Raise your hands please!

And tell us, are you still living in your castle or under the bridge? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


No one?

Come on! I know you are out there! :sweat_smile:


Bitcoin oblivion?


The bitcoin futures proved to be the death knell, just like the tulips.


Come on, $8K a piece is not low nor death! When has tulips been sold at $8K a piece? :smile:


Also, how come the altcoin guys stopped talking about altcoins altogether? @tomato, @RealEstatebull, @BAJacket, let’s talk about some good old-fashioned altcoins, shall we? :wink:


the market is dull man. otherwise, there are coins i am watching :slight_smile:


Yes, you are, honey.


Change the bitcoin to 401K.

Oh honey! I didn’t know I had to pay taxes! :joy::joy::joy:

Now, wait a minute! Who lost his or her underwear on bitcoin?

Come on! Confess! :smiley:


None of the usual posters, I don’t think. This group here is way too crafty to let that happen to him/her.



I have the same I’m holding and scalping here and there, but like @tomato said, it’s been a bit boring lately. I’ve loaded up more ethereum on the dip for ICOs though.