Bitcoin Bubble


Yeah! And I am selling a ranch you know where…:smile:


I feel bad for my friend that was super into crypto. He was making youtube videos and everything. I’m not sure how much he lost. He was convinced he’d have his condo paid off by the end of this year.


Don’t feel bad for gamblers and ‘want to get rich fast’ guys.


Bitcoin ads have been banned from Facebook and Google…hopefully this scourge will just go away…


No kidding! :wink:

That’s why I use IULs…slow…

Oh, wait!

1,2, and…:rofl:


True. It’s his first investments. An experience like that might turn him off to investing for life which would be detrimental. I graduated college just before the dotcom crash happened. I didn’t have enough invested for it to impact me much, but a lot of older coworkers got crushed. Then Michigan RE tanked ~5 years before the rest of the country. It’s recovery has lagged too. The zillow estimate for the house I owned is still below the 2003 appraised value. It definitely impacts your investing perception when those are your first experiences with it. Once you get more experience you realize those things happen, and they are massive buying opportunities. The only regret is not being more aggressive when people were fearful.


Well, at least he still has his condo…


Do all you people that responded to “next 10x stock winner” qualify as “want to get rich fast” guys?


Nobody needs to to get rich quick…many may want it…but few can handle it…Look at lotto winners, sports stars and the example above…Managing wealth is difficult and impossible for most who gain it quickly.


No. 10x is for entertainment :grinning:
Instead of spending money to be entertained, be paid to be entertained :rofl:.


I can handle it no problem… :slight_smile:


The example is classic. Turns $7200 into $120k and looses it all. In fact is now going to be $20k in debt and in trouble with the IRS. Greed is such a powerful emotion, few can handle it.


I think most of us realize it’d take 5-10 years for a stock to go 10x. Is that considered quick? It’s definitely not, “I’ll payoff my condo this year” quick.


Yes. I want to get rich quick. :sunglasses:


If you knew how we can translate rich into Spanish, you would laugh at saying “I want to feel rich”. We are very creative with our language. :wink:

Imagine being in jail, in the shower, that famous bar of soap falling…:smile:


They all will fall for the famous gold bar scheme. :wink:

I mean…we all…:smiley:


Americans use quick instead of fast?
What is the subtle difference between the two words?


May be you only :wink:
Don’t think anyone here is foolish enough to kill a golden goose :grin:


I believe quick is usually for intangibles while fast is tangibles.
E.g. quick flip but fast car


I fall for anything shiny. I believe I look and act like a real sucker, or loser :smile:

Ask my ex. She turned me into Sugar daddy. She said like an Irish girl, “I found me gold” :smile:

And I found me a BK life. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: