Bitcoin Bubble


I’ll say…


You guys made me cry by offering to pay for this site.

Now, I can die in peace. :rofl:



Silver lining: Nasdaq eventually rose back from the ashes and reached new breathtaking highs…


Bitcoin has not crashed yet, still to go until below $1000 !


Now that bitcoin was banned from Facebook I hear or see little about it.


I am telling you, there are still, some ignorant people believing in the virgin Mary.

They are the same people who lost $ when it was at $16K. Believe me.


I know a couple of millennials who swallowed the koolaid. I will have to ask what they think.


What can possibly go wrong?


What? Isn’t that a gross misuse of funds? If they are doing that it means they really don’t need any financial assistance.


Can we sue them since they are misusing public funds? Taxpayers’ money!


Spam! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


No, they are getting a really expensive financial education!!!


Students these days get great education…

Bitcoin: financial education.
Sleeping around: sex education.
Weed: health education.

I need to go back to college to get more education. :smile:


LOL…some people don’t read between the lines. Those students are violating the rules. That’s all.

But, we have people on this forum who fit into the following, of course, they deny, deny, deny:

Nearly 20 percent of all people who own cryptocurrencies went into arrears to invest in them, according to a recent survey of 3,000 people by CoinDesk, a digital tokens information company.

“Investing from a credit card or a loan is a terrible idea as these assets are extremely risky and volatile,” said Christian Catalini, an assistant professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who researches blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

He added, “Nobody should invest any amount in this space that they cannot afford to lose immediately.”


Wow, I guess most of this forum goes right over your head if you think people here borrowed on their credit card to buy bitcoin. There’s only a few that have even bought bitcoin, and they don’t need to borrow in a credit card to do it.


No one cares anymore? $6,686 right now.


Maybe @wuqijun was right to tell me to wait for $5000!


I do want it to go back up. Stock market is falling! Everything correlates. Even bitcoin.


Bitcoin’s only appeal was that it kept going up for a year. Now that it has collapsed from $20k it has no appeal at all.