Bitcoin Bubble


Read somewhere that bitcoin mining itself cost $5700 per bitcoin…so is this going to be the floor…


Bought some GBTC today. Need to explore some alternatives to prepare for Prop 10 :joy:


Terrible reason to be making this kind of “investment”.


It could bounce another 50%


Now is not the time. Should’ve done that in 2016.



GBTC up more than 5%, better than Google which had a massive beat


It is like a villain in a B movie keeps coming back. In a Hollywood ending it will die off eventually


BOOB did better than GOOG. 25%20PM



Bitcoin is doing a deadcat bounce, I think.


“Also within the past week, crypto enthusiasts celebrated the appointment of David Solomon as the new CEO of Goldman Sachs GS. Solomon has proven to be a proponent of big financial firms like Goldman adding cryptocurrency services to their businesses, saying as recently as last month that his company is looking to expand its offering of such services right now.”


For those who considered buying some BTC, the price is “improving” (realtor speak for 5% price drop) this weekend and the coming week.

The recent run-up was to 8500, it’s below 7000 now and could go to 6500.


Should have bought a NSX instead

I was just at Hot August Nights in Virginia City. I would rather have a investable car than bitcoin.


As I wrote a few weeks back, many positive developments for bitcoin. Now another dip.

Here an example of the developments:



Bitcoin meltdown: world’s biggest coin plunges 10% Wednesday - MarketWatch


Altcoins, or coins other than bitcoin, bore the brunt of today’s selloff, with all showing significant losses Wednesday. Ether ETHUSD, -0.28% is down 7.1% to $357.23, Bitcoin Cash BCHUSD, -0.30% is trading lower by 12% at $592.20, and Litecoin LTCUSD, -1.18% is down 8.8% at $63.33. Ripple’s XRP XRPUSD, -0.53% is the worst-performing of the major altcoins, trading to 33 cents, down 14.2%.

Penny stocks.


Buy at $6000 and sell at $9000 rinse and repeat. Traders market


Bitcoin crashed and burned. RE looking like it’s rolling over. Only the stock market is surviving? :thinking:




According to

We need to educate people about bitcoin. Lack of education is a major hurdle for bitcoin price stall