Bitcoin Bubble


Copy what? I don’t mind copycats as long as they are successful. And so there’s no instance of which an economy is large and successful without its government collecting lots of taxes. Which doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen in the future, but the odds of that happening are a million times lower than Tsla becoming profitable one day, wouldn’t you say… :wink:

Also, I wouldn’t describe Tsla as being my “beloved”. I’m just more reasonable in hedging for it being a success. It helps when your return on it is already 1000%… its price can fall 90% in that case I would just say oh well I broke even… :rofl:


Compared to the well educated precedent saying “son of a b…” they sound nice to me. :laughing::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:



BitCoin Buyers/Holders must listen 10 minutes


Great let’s pop this little sucker… :rofl:


I was waiting for a multiple day pullback, but the bounce back since yesterday is too much for me. You can’t even get a week long pull back


“too much” == “euphoric”??? :rofl:


if you watch this market long enough. You will see plenty of dips, like the last week one,



That only meant he enjoyed eating his own dick… :rofl:


Chamath da man on bitcoin. “Massively Long”.


why arent you jumping in yet?


I am not as sharp as Chamath. :smile:

Chamath is the guy who convinced me to buy into Amazon. It only took me, oh, 20 years to realize Amazon’s potential? I am not that sharp. :smile:

So I need that crystalizing insight why bitcoin has a much longer runway than 10k. I only invest in things that can at least double. Obviously bitcoin has done much better than that just in 2017. But I already told you I’m not that sharp.

Which reminds me, I need to sell all my AAPL stocks. It won’t double in the next 5 years.


It won’t double in the next 5 years but also will not lose 90% of its value in 5 years :wink:


Amazon won’t lose 90% in 5 years either, but I think it has very good chance of 5x in 5 years.


The one company I think can do 5x in the next 5 years is Tesla.


Did you buy any crypto yet? Don’t buy it secretly


No, haven’t bought any yet. I want to keep an open mind though.


Can you please stop trying to push more lemmings down the cliff??? :rofl:


Even though I disagree with Tesla in particular, but I admire your conviction. Tesla has better chance than Apple of 5’xing.


@manch you are sharper than understanding that having 3-5% of your networth into something that has wildest prediction of 100X ?

Smart currency is long overdue. Paper money is so old. plain and simple.

And you dont need the crystal ball. Just copy the guys who you think has it.