Bitcoin Bubble


Yes thats the model.

Bitcoin - will be your digital gold and how you store your wealth. Other currency like Litecoin/Bitcoin cash will be used for day to day restaurant/coffee kind of transcations. Ether will be for smart contracts. Crypto currency will be an eco system.

I think CME is also including Bitcoin Cash futures.


I prefer cold hard cash



I prefer real estate :wink:


:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


If bitcoin rose to 1m, a 100x rise from current level, the evil twins could catch up to God Bezos. :thinking:


:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


From a young bro’s answer on Quora. I haven’t heard about most of his recommendations… I am getting old. :disappointed_relieved:

Which cryptocurrencies are worth investing in right now?

I started investing in crypto since more than 2 years and i would like to give you my 2 cents.

First and most important thing: dont buy in the hype,(now its a hype)…wait 2 3 weeks and do your research.

These cryptos are the ones which i believe will stay till 2023 and will be big,however if we are speaking about fast money,scroll up and dont look at this answer because it wont help you as i know how to make money and not magic.

  • Siacoin
  • Basic attention token
  • IOTA
  • NEO
  • OMG
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • ETH

And most important: dont worry,the train wont go away without you,each two weeks comes another train, dont rush yourself and invest wisely, try not ask this questions because they will lead you to shitcoins.

Aaaand HODL!!


HODL! That’s the key


Um… you are going to feel that you are actually older and wiser after this young bro lost his shirt and then some in the upcoming crypto crash.


Well, another 2 young Bros are now billionaires because of Bitcoin HODL. Age is not an issue, McAffe is not young


Yes but for how long they are going to remain that way is the real question.


there are very broken coins in the list given above - ripple, iota comes to mind, basic attention token is meant to be totally something else but people like to hype about it. it was meant to be funding for Brave browser, but reality, i don’t know how big it’s going to be.

That said, monero still excites me.


What’s special about monero? And what’s the best exchange for monero? I can buy a little and follow it

Coinbase only includes Btc, Eth and Ltc. I guess these 3 are the most popular coins. Which coin will be the next one to get on coinbase?


I don’t know much about what coin coinbase is going to support, but i assume business-wise they’d go with the 4th largest market cap(after filtering the other bitcoin forks, ripple, and maybe dash - they are shady because of premining and ripple owns a big chunk and can end up controlling the price - might be what you are looking for).

Monero is special:

  1. because it’s private. When you send money to some address, nobody can see it. On bitcoin ledger, the transactions are transparent - you move money from one address to another, it’s visible. Think this way: Everybody knows satoshi is a billionaire, but he cannot move his funds (if he’s alive or he cares), because if he did, people would immediately know who he is - as soon as he converts to fiat. Monero also doesn’t have the rich list. Your money is your own, and nobody’s business.

  2. It’s fungible, meaning nobody can blacklist coins and prevent transactions.

What I like about monero, though, is its community.

but YMMV, don’t take investment advice from a random internet stranger. I am certainly not in it for speculation, though it’s nice to see them going up :slight_smile: I don’t have significant positions, though - i was mostly an enthusiast with little funds in the whole thing.


#499 for more info - you can use shapeshift or something to get some moneros. But be damn sure about security of your wallet and all.

I am going to stop talking about this, and we can continue on reddit.


IOTA price up a whopping 59% in the last 24 hours. :smile: Bitcoin itself is now 11.3K. Should break into 12K later this week if not tomorrow.

Total market cap of all crypto coins is now 343B.


IOTA to me is one of the biggest scams, next to dash and ripple. Though, it paid sum hefty sum to its holders, so i guess i don’t know what i am talking about.


This seems to be the reason: