Bitcoin Bubble


What is the median market cap? If you made a new coin and it’s ranked like 1000 out of more than 1300, how much market cap is that?


We have the expertise. Time to make manchcoins


Words of a smart guy…Not! …:smile:


I am inflicted with this horrible disease called conscience. Too bad. Can’t be a billionaire.


Alright witcoins … lol


Bitcoin is coming back, close to 17k now. New highs in sight


“new normal” only…


Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech Market Could Reach $10 Trillion in 15 Years, Says RBC Analyst

Cryptos continue to grow whole 2018 year until it drops heavily. Bitcoin may reach $25000 or 30000 or 40000 or max 50000 range. The higher it goes, stronger the impact to those who has put money.

Crypto hypes will continue until Cryptos and stock reaches a peak. Now economy is set for another shock at the end of cryptocrash.


I will givr you guys 24 hr notice on bitcoin prices when i expect a rise. #tetherispumpingbitcoin


Just read what happened during boom.


Times have changed, but people have not. We are just re-inventing the wheel under a different paradigm. Question is, are we at the 1996 dot-com equivalent, or are we already at the 2000 dot-com equivalent? :wink:


Times have changed, people have changed too.
People who are participating in bitcoin now are not the same guys (such as me) that got bombed by .com.


Lots of millienal suckers ripe for getting fleeced.
I love how they tell us oldsters that we no nothing… Fine enjoy getting ripped off.


To be fair, many people made money off of the dot com boom as well. Even though a lot more lost money from the bust. I think the millenials who are playing the crypto roulette right now are gambling to be the ones making money rather than the ones holding the bag…


There is still too much skeptism about bitcoin. Even people who are in the game admit it’s musical chair. So I say it’s 1996 dotcom. It will go much higher for much longer.


Market cap of defunct search portal/ engine at its peak
AltaVista. $2.4 billion in 1999.
eXcite. $7.2 billion in 1999.
Yahoo!. $117 billion in 1999.
Infoseek. $100 billion.
Lycos. $100 billion.
Inktomi. $25 billion.


Who told you this?


Ohhh…stop the BS!

Raise your hands if you cashed out all your properties and invested the whole thing in cryptocurrency.

You would be a $billionaire by now. Right? :smiley:

Or, under a bridge with a sign saying you need help because you are a Bitcoin veteran…:rofl::rofl::rofl: