Bitcoin Bubble


When people come up with phrases like “to the moon”, it’s very telling that the unsustainable bubble is about to crash down hard back to earth… :rofl:


Housewives can be savvy investors. My Mom took her $100k inheritance put it all on AOL and made $1m…


You know i am very aware of this moon bubble:) but i am trying to have some fun for the money im okay losing :slight_smile:


So the real question is where you are putting the money that you are not ok losing? Maybe we should talk more about that instead…


under my bed. not.

Stock market, and soon in real estate. In fact, If i hit my milestones for cryptobubble, I am diversifyinginto 1. real estate 2. money making businesses.


You are not going to hit any milestone with the money that you are ok losing.


how do you know? :slight_smile:


I also know the earth is round not flat.


liar. i assume you also believe in global warming lies?!


seriously, though, how do you know i will not hit any milestones because you think i will keep feeding into mania?


No, because you have to spend serious money in order to make serious money. Play money is not going to get you anywhere. Did you bother to try winning that $500M lottery jackpot with a $1 “investment”?


Bloody Monday


You haven’t seen anything yet… the real slaughter haven’t even begun… :rofl:


Not sure if it’s bloody, or just a blip. Things with bubbles, you cannot tell.


Oh - you know, chances are better with crypto. Making 10X and making your play money serious is not as hard as lottery.

If your play money is 10K, it can be 50K in 2-3 weeks.


Everybody try this:


If your play money is $10k, $50k is also play money.


I am not saying you should put money, i am just saying it’s crazy, and if you have self control, you can get out with some serious gains. If not, you lost your play money.


Not really. 10K is less than a month of salary for most, or even couple weeks. I also have means to recover that money. I can spend 2-3 hours and write some google patent ideas. I have had decent success with this. But come 50K range, it’s harder to justify.


Um… not sure how to respond to that. Have fun with your play money! :wink: