Bitcoin Bubble


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Would God extinct its creation?


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Of course. Dinasours were gods creation, and they are now extinct. If you believe in human being god’s creation, you should believe the other too.

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Now your brain is worth a little less. Why are you spending time arguing such worthless issue? Monitor your crypto!

Is Dinosaur a God creation?

So long 1 is not true, use of the world “all” is wrong.


“Already, some of the biggest bitcoin miners in China are moving operations overseas, with the US and Canada among popular options.”

Wow, we found something that China it outsourcing to the US.


I guess i don’t get some of your sarcasms :slight_smile:

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cryptos are down, so it’s not fun. i am doing regular work.


The direct money involved with Cryptos are appx 750 Bln as of date, but the futures market and the by products, such as block chain and crypto companies involved is higher.
It may likely exceed likely now at 1.25 Trillion at least. It keeps growing.

Remember the crash is appx 1.75T and RE crash created 4.5T issue.

This is not simple money after an year.


No. most of cryptos market cap probably stringent on a 100M dollar people collectively put.


Check, you will see 750 Bln. To my knowledge, there are 125 Hedgefunds and multiple mutaul funds/ETFs involved with it. Everything available in the internet.


Man, I know that, but it’s not like the cash put into the market was 750B. This is why i am saying if it delfates 70%, it won’t be enough to trigger any recession of any sort.

Think of it this way:

  1. I bought 10000$ in BTC, now it’s worth 200K.
  2. If i wanted to sell 1 btc, someone will buy it for 16K. If i wanted to sell all, i won’t find buyers.
  3. If my 200K drops to 20K, I am still at a profit, so i don’t really care.

Most people are like this.


I see your pov, but many people won’t experience it this way. Peopleare cumulatively holding their assets at 750B in their books. It will cause a lot of pain if those assets get written down. The rationalization you are utilizing is what happens after it disappears.

The idea of 5x in 2-3 weeks shows what type of asset it is. It screams that most people need to stay away.


How long did you invest in cryptos and what’s your overall performance?

5x in 2-3 weeks is not sustainable. We need to use a number for the last 12 months or longer


cryptocurrency did not go 5x in 2-3weeks. individual coins do, most of which is pump/dump.


I told those two that like your posts that most of them are fake money, they don’t seem to understand, I think they understand now.


Welcome to the club! :smiley:


This whole crypto paradigm is not sustainable. Crash coming and blood will be spilled everywhere.


This is where the real issue. What tomato is talking about FLOAT of Cryptocurrency 100M, that leads to Fake 750 Bln Market Cap.

If this is true, it is still scary. Whoever is putting money now or year before too, may get a big hit as the drop can happen in a single day (max 3 days) making entire MarketCap from 750B to worthless.

We will hear all the truth, how many Hedgefunds/Mutual Funds/ETFs/companies involved, once everything settled in graveyard.

It is better to stay away and watch it sidelines as fun now.


Exactly my point. Only $100 million would go poof + whatever I said previously (too lazy to re-quote) not $750B.
Well, given China’s action about shutdown crypto mining operation, the size of the fund involved might already reach the point where a crash could cause economic damage. We don’t have the insider info but could get some hint of the size of potential problem through government and regulatory actions. These guys are even more worried than us about the political and economic damage because of the crypto crash. Monitor their actions.


Are you referring FED or USG? They are not worried at all saying it is individual issue. Unless it becomes big economic issue, FED is not going to act or control.

Individuals, hedge funds , mutual fund and other investors headache.