Bitcoin Bubble


I think he meant China is more worried than the US. At least that’s how I read it.



China government was right and Chinese government supports any control, esp financial side.

People started to transfer unaccounted funds using Bitcoin which became issue for government, then they curtailed bitcoin.

The bitcoin ban is a way for China to enforce capital controls


bitcoin is a public ledger, so they can deploy tools to check money transfer…


Shocking! Overconfidence has turned to apology. Bubble is far from over



Kodak is still a company…




Is KODK profitable? I remember Kodak went bankruptcy. Is KODK the same Kodak company?

My quick research shows that KODK is a legitimate company, and I just bought some shares of KODK! Can’t believe I have become a Kodak shareholder, it feels safer than altcoins. KODK bottom might have been in.

I wanted to buy some call options, but option is very expensive. Just buy KODK shares directly.

Will sell half at 12 :rofl:

BTW, Bitcoin Bubble is now the #1 thread in the forum. 1.6k replies!


Stop wasting time with your play money. Time to put some real money to work (real money is at least 10% of your net worth).

Hot Stocks for Blockchain

Kodak is a joke. Makeup a fake crypto platform to revive a dying company


Do you have 10% networth on any single stock? If you put 1% on KODK, and if it rises 3 fold, your networth would increase by 2% with 2 clicks.


But this marketing trick could increase its online photography revenue. Buy KODK, don’t buy Kodakcoins


Yes I do. Increasing your net worth by a couple percentage doesn’t help. Only meaningful if it’s increased by 10% or more.


Well, one of us takes more risk. Not sure which one.


I’m taking appropriate risk with appropriate amount of money that’s why I’ve been successful. You are making speculative risk with play money which is meaningless in a sense that it won’t make a difference to your bottom line.


KODK 26% insider ownership and 72% institution ownership. Not sure if these institutions will allow a maniac rise in stock price. But they should be happy to see a rise to 15. With ICO on 1/31, there should be more room to rise.

Maybe these institutions got their shares from bankruptcy court.

"“Engaging with a new platform, it is critical photographers know their work and their income is handled securely and with trust, which is exactly what we did with KODAKCoin,” said CEO Jeff Clarke.

The initial coin offering will open Jan. 31."


Disturbing stuff regarding environmental footprints of miners: every hour the Mongolian Bitcoin mine operates, it’s responsible for (at least) the CO2 equivalent of over 203,000 car kilometers travelled


Is bitcoin mining more energy efficient in US and Europe? California state needs a new energy regulation on bitcoin mining now. Call your lovely representives :sleepy:


You just contradict manch’s idol, Chamath.