Bitcoin Bubble


Cryptocurrencies are a sham, in a bubble, and killing the environment. Any human being with an ounce of decency need to rise up and obliterate this evil!!!


Ban bitcoin mining. Ban ICO. No more new coins, just use the existing coins and sometimes lose a couple coins.

That’s what bitcoin investors wish for. Call you representives Now!


Enough with the environment. It makes no sense to mention it. Industrial revolution destroyed the environment and keeps destroying it.


There are plenty of nonminable coins. Raiblocks is onr.


ICO is a pretty innovative way to raise capital. Maybe companies can somehow tie revenue or even dividend to their coins and we will have a thriving capital market.


OSTK is revolutionizing wall street business with blockchain. Will it succeed?


Just because no one is doing anything about it doesn’t make it right. We need to keep pushing… we’ve made a lot of progress already in turning back the damage caused by the Industrial Revolution.

Don’t think that little people can’t make a difference. What you can do now: throw away your gasoline powered car and start driving a EV. It will help towards saving the environment.


My point stands. The best coins so far are the ones that dont require mining.

Eventually there are algorithm that are mor eneegy efficient so that is your worst case.


Just because they are environmentally friendly doesn’t mean that it isn’t a sham and isn’t in a bubble.


Blockchain can automate government. Maybe the government payroll can be reduced by 90%. Go Blockchain!


I hope you are at least seeing the benefits.


No benefits at all at this point. Wait til the bubble deflate and the dust settles then we can start talking about benefits.


Honest question: which coin doesn’t require mining? I am not up to speed with cryptos.


People here won’t understand until they see the reality, wait for an year. :rofl:


What do you mean? Are you referring to tax only?
How to automate national security and foreign affairs?
Are you referring to local, state or Fed or all of the three?


Economic and social. Military can be partially automated by blockchain. I need to become a blockchain expert, not just a chain speculator


Is it worth the time to become a blockchain software expert?


With blockchain and other technology advances, democracy will die. In the future, we only need one king for the whole universe. Everything will be automated and the King will operate the whole world from his mansion. No need for a humongous government to execute orders, checking and management.


Well I’m going to be the first to revolt against that order… :rofl:


Good timing. KODK is already shooting up after hours!


Kodak will have its own coin. Also it even starts to mine Bitcoin

“At Bitcoin’s current value, an up-front investment of $4,000 (£2,954) for 24 months of mining could earn a profit of $500 a month, Spotlite’s Halston Mikail told the BBC.”