Bitcoin Bubble


It’s amazingly stable today. Could run up to 35, be cautious and close quickly if you decide to short.



Good thing i am not telling anyone to invest in it :slight_smile: i am more interested behind the technology.


South Korea which is one of the biggest crypto trading markets is working on a bill to ban trading.


Ban it! Ban it!!


China banned crypto trading a while back. This impact should be temporary.



I think this is wuqijun trying to win over our bet.


Only blah, blah, blah…:smile:

This is the best opportunity of their life time. :wink::wink::wink:

If I owned 4 properties, 3 would be sold by now and the $ invested in Bitcoin. :scream:

That’s me, since I am learning how the handsome bloggers here are so smart to invest, I would do that, eyes closed. :wink:


wuqijun: There’s a reason people don’t talk about exact money they play with. It’s exactly that, play money. It can be 1%, it can be 30% of net worth.

I know people who started with 1% net worth, and it grew to 30-40 or even 90% of their networth with the bubble.


Yes and the lottery winner grew her net worth by 1 million percent with her $1 play money.


you keep saying that… at some point, i hope you can make peace with not riding the bubble.
I am not denying it’s a bubble, as usual. i am saying volatility is a good opportunity to buy, and can let you make quite a bit of money in the meantime.



that’s why we have cheaper coins :slight_smile:
bitcoin is dying under its own weight.


Here is the logic: I can put 5grand in crypto and ride the wave (an example).
But if i wanted ot invest 500K or something, i would not put it in crypto. I Would buy real estate.
Both are investments, with different risk profiles.
See it like that, nothing more, nothing less.

As a computer science person, I like to see cryptocoin evolve, anything that reduces friction for vendors to come online and do payments is great. Anything to improve my privacy (call it cryptocoins, vpns, tor etc) is great. Anything that makes it fast and cheap to pay for something is great.

That’s all there is to it.


Why do you want to invest $500K in RE?
There are many ways to invest or leverage your money. Find the one where you keep your money but it’s still invested. Hard to believe but it’s true.

By the way, Bitcoin was a thing to invest in the very beginning. You would be either a millionaire or a billionaire by now.


explain. i do see real estate as a long term wealth builder, even though i still don’t have my foot out of the door.


Block chain is a good technology. It’ll end up being useful. Creating virtual coins isn’t the best use for it. I think we’ll look back at how embarrassing a use that is for it.


We all already missed the upswing. You don’t buy into a bubble that’s deflating. I might buy into it after the crash and everything stabilized. Now is a very bad time to buy into it.


you are still thinking about “bitcoin”. The buble is more than bitcoin.