Blame Facebook, Protesters!

Just to soothe you, because the media says Hillary is sure to win, many like me, don’t bother to vote. The underdog, Trumps supporters have the incentive to work double hard. Outcome: Hardwork trumps complacency. Love my theory?


It seems like a pretty obvious outcome to overconfidence, which is why I don’t tend to believe conspiracy theories that Hillary manipulated polls in her favor. That seems like it would hurt her not help her. The polls were just flat out wrong and didn’t make the proper correctikns

More reason to go to popular voting methodology and no early results being reported to sway west coasters in any way. In this day and age, there is no excuse for not making your one vote stand up as a legitimate one vote for a candidate. Dame the archaic electoral college methodology!!!

IMHO, America should either go to the one person, one vote system or go back to its root (those who own assets > $x value or has served/currently serving in the national security/ law & order area).

This could also be another reason:

Trump supporters couldn’t speak their mind without being labelled. As a result, we mostly saw opinions in favor of Hillary.

Ditto. My facebook feed was spammed with die-hard Hillary fans after Tuesday, so annoying. People need to grow up.

I have a very interesting segment of the population on my Facebook feed. I think there was only one Hillary supporter who didn’t post much political stuff. The rest are either conservative pro-gun rights constitutionalists, pro-life Christians, devout libertarians, or diehard Bernie supporters. The first couple of groups were, often begrudgingly, voting for Trump, while the Bernie supporters were posting pro-Trump, anti-Hillary memes (man do they hate her!) along with pro-Johnson and pro-Stein messages. It was pretty weird.

Hillary comes across as being a cold establishment who don’t really care about you.
Trumps comes across as a family man who understand you.

when he is groping you or when?..:slight_smile:

I don’t think Trump resembles anybody in my family, fortunately. And I don’t think he looks like a family man to many of the American families either.

My Russian mother in law who lives in Moscow is a Putin fan and thinks Trump is cute…hilarious. …Most Russians I know are Trump fans…Trump wants to be a tyrant, but he will be frustrated being merely a president. …congress will take all the fun out of it…lol

I don’t think Trump wants to be a tyrant either. He just wants to be loved on stage. His ego needs attention and affirmation.

That’s what makes him scary to me. The man doesn’t stand for anything. So he is a puppet of his “influencers” like his son-in-law and the alt-right Breitbart gang. The GOP establishment will also want to enact their pet policies through him. You don’t know which fraction will win out because the man does not have any core principles. People have elected a black box.

Nixon had no core principles either…I hated him like everyone else…But when he ended the draft the day I would had been drafted to go to Vietnam I started liking him a bit…

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