Boston Tops U.S. Migration Destinations in Q 2019

Phoenix fell to number three in the rankings in the third quarter after two quarters at the top of our list of metro areas with the highest net inflow of Redfin users. Boston is the new number one, with Sacramento at number two.

A nice town with a lot of history. I always recommend it to foreign visitors. Way above SF - not only in history but in hygiene. Closer to standards Europeans might be used to. I prefer it to New York. Easier to get around, more relaxed with the Charles River and all. Younger metro areas like LA are just sprawl with no charm. For new go to Asia, for old go to Europe, if you do the US stop by Boston.

Nicely put.

Except the winters are too harsh for me but sign me up for spring and fall.

SF? lol, pass. expensive and shitty in so many ways.

Where do tourists go in Boston if they are not American history buffs?

Chinatown? :grin:

I think the report is bogus if it’s only based on search stats. Looking <> leaving

I’ve been to Boston one time long time ago. It was quite boring for me. I think I did go check out its Chinatown but don’t recall a thing now. NYC and DC have much more to offer to your everyday tourists. But as a place to live in Boston may be better than NYC and DC.

What do you do in any big city as a tourist?

Find good places to eat and then walk around .

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Been to Boston multiple times long ago while visiting college sweetheart in Cambridge. I remember thinking back then it was too spread out, drivers are crazy, and never got into it. Probably more interesting but not more affordable than Sacramento or Phoenix.

I went to the Cheers bar. Had fun giving the Massholes shit about the Patriots telling them they didn’t deserve Tom Brady. Who turned out to their best player ever. They couldn’t believe any player from California could compare to Drew Bledsoe. The north end has good Italian food.


I went to the cheers bar too. I remember being surprised the location was kinda rundown. I guess that’s the whole point of a neighborhood bar.

So I was right. Boston is booooooring.

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True. It helps if the people are sociable. It also helps if the place looks like it has a history and wasn’t just sort of plunked down there or left to sprawl like a slime mold (LA). I have to say Phoenix isn’t much better and I’m surprised it’s such a popular destination. Not only sprawling and lacking in any individual character but hot as blazes in summer. 115+ isn’t uncommon. “It’s a dry heat” only helps so much.

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Speaking of slime mold (never heard that one before :smile:)… Some trivia: most of the fun and action of Cheers actually took place at Hollywood’s oldest filming studios. The Boston bar was only used as a facade, and was not the place where everybody knows your name… at least not for most visitors

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There are two Cheers bars. One that was the inspiration for the show and the other that is an exact copy of the Hollywood set. I went to original one on Beacon Hill. Back in the eighties I looked like Sam Malone. Unfortunately neither Ted or I look like Sam anymore.

Boston was boring and we didn’t stay long. We then went on to Maine which was gorgeous. Still remember the many lobsters shacks there. Yumm…