Bubble Officialy Declared


Picture #20 is classic. Oh and I’ve “been around” these parts. Those redwoods are most definitely not virgins.

It’s a treehouse eh? For $215K.

21.66 Acres

But without expansive views and very closed in - and no guarantee that it will ever be buildable.
Of course I’m ever the pessimist. Did you see “Winter’s Bone”, Jennifer Lawrence’s break-out film? Just think how life could have been for Ree and the kids if only they had Los Gatos schools.

Sold $175k


I think the buyer can make up the 175k money by selling some trees. If it is in forest, he can sell outsiders without even city/county noticed and make up the ground flat. I guess (I am not sure) there will be some legal way selling the trees or getting the 175k money back. Then, he (say some experienced builder buys) can also use the secluded place for his own use.

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Cut down the trees and grow pot…20 acres…win win…


I did not mean that, but privacy liking buyer can make his vacation spot in secluded areas !

I don’t know about that. San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties are pretty restrictive (San Mateo is actually worse). Even special use zoning doesn’t guarantee everything. If it was simple most of these properties would be logged before they were sold.


Buying a land, esp by mom and pop small investors, is a negative as they may not see returns in life term. This was told by realtor and I learnt this very hard way.

Only excess cash and experienced in that line used to buy such 22 acres.

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It’s a dream of mine to have some acres, but honestly I don’t want to worry about maintaining it. Maybe better to get house abutting deeded open space. I saw some landlocked property at a good price, but am too risk averse to take the chance and obtain access rights. At Bay Area prices, it can be cost effective to build helipad if you get the right land cheap enough.


AZ is close and has some nice properties in rural areas close to Payson.That would be Pine, Strawberry, Camp Verde, Happy Jack, etc. Many homes abut national Forest which has far fewer restrictions than CA State lands or regional Open Space. These locations are not too hot in summer and only get a few includes of snow in winter. Strawberry is small but nice and features a lack of HOA’s which can be annoying in the other locations.
Here’s a nice rural get away in Payson city limits with 10 acres of your own valley adjoining national forest.


Does Amazon deliver there?

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Prolly have to get it at the Post Office - just like in La Honda. If they go to drones I’d be more optimistic out there then I would in the Redwoods.

Are you guys familiar with these PACE loans? Never knew about it until this article.

made 100K in less than 3 years. I doubt anything was being done on it.