Burlingame Woman Posts $35M bail

All the more reason to invest in RE. You can help family members make bail. I wonder what would happen to tenants of the properties if she skips bail and property is confiscated?


I thought she lives in Hillsborough? Saying she lives in Burlingame is selling her short. :slight_smile:

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15 properties were pledged for $62M. That means over the average is $4M/property. I’d assume you can only pledge the equity in them, since if there’s a loan the court wouldn’t get all the value of the property. They must own a bunch of MFH.

Not condos???:slight_smile:

Condo investors’ kids are better behaved bruh. This woman seems to have a long history of bad behavior. If I were her parent I’d just disown her outright.

Yeah, I didn’t realize that we all SFH or MFH owners were closet murderers or other type of degenerate… Biggie was dead on right: mo money…mo problems

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