Buy house with no garage in SF?



ah sorry, I meant 8 figures (just edited to fix :flushed:). but we are treating it like 0 in our financial planning.


You’re certainly lowering your employment standards…


If I were in your position, I would wait and see what the market brings when and if you actually move here to SF. A lot can change in two years. The housing market may even be cheaper in two years.

That being said, if you HAVE TO BUY RIGHT NOW, I would buy a place where adding a garage will be possible without having to raise the house too much.

If you have kids in the future (and this is always unpredictable) you will need a car. Period. For everything. And you don’t want to move once you have a kid and reset your Prop 13 tax basis. You want to remodel what you currently have. Even though remodeling w/ permits will increase your assessed value, it won’t increase so much as moving to another new house will.

So if I were you, I would buy a house (if you have to buy now) where you can add a garage without too much neighborhood objection — meaning not having to raise the house too much (if you excavate).


I think you might have missed out on the 751 Duncan opportunity… Hard to find a full renovated one for $1.8M now. Market shot up 20% in the last 6 months :frowning:


With this type of wealth, should be easy to get mortgage to buy a $5-$10 mil house.

lulz sorry for the typo guys, definitely not tres comma status. we have a higher mortgage approval from SVB but do not think that would be fiscally responsible - we want to keep mortgage/real estate expenses (including our current east coast mortgage but net of any rental income) <30% of our monthly net cashflow.


Umm…I knew 1B has to be crazy equity :slight_smile: …But 10M is more realistic… as well…wonder what high flying start up is in New York that got to series C…hmmm


I can see why real estate is so expensive these days… it’s because of people like @coast :slight_smile:


@tomato also contributing. He claims he’s “working on it”.


Back to original topic. @coast you lived in SF before? There are many micro neighborhoods here. Noe has shot up in price. How about Glen Park? Or Bernal Heights? Those are also pretty walkable and not as pricey as Noe.


I don’t think @coast would be interested in those :slight_smile:


There’s Midtown Terrace if you want view and don’t mind being close to the Sutro Tower…


Come on, Diamond Heights should give you views and shouldn’t be uber expensive.


This one has an awesome view, a garage, and 3/3.5. We discussed this the other week - now its in contact (listed for 2.0). Any guesses what it went for?


2.28M is my guess


Interesting design. Not everyone’s cup of tea. But I like it. My guess is 2.65M.


Darn it!
8 figures and thinking about a garage?

Gesus! Buy a nice home with a garage, and on top of it hire a driver for your limousine. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Homes in the worst neighborhoods in the silicon valley are getting close to $1M.

What are you waiting for?


How about this view?




No hate it…I can see my work building from this view. :grin:


I was in that house a few years ago before they remodeled it. The lot is such that each floor doesn’t really feel that “generous” unfortunately.