Buy house with no garage in SF?



Part of the reason why we picked South Beach was to cut down the commute to South Bay (where I used to work when we moved to SF). Compared to South Beach/Mission Bay, Noe/Mission/Dolores is easily 20 mins more - mostly because you need to drive thru local streets. For North Beach, I would add 10~15mins more on top of that. It might seem like nothing, but 2hrs vs 2:30 hrs is a huge difference (and it does take that long very frequently).

Potrero/Dogpatch/Bernal is also good for both SF / South Bay commute. But for South Bay commute in general, nothing beats living near caltrain or other tech shuttle stops.


That’s why Glen Park is so good. 280 is right there and BART can be within walking distance.


Hmm, why is Fearless Leader pushing the Glen Park Kool-Aid? Come on, you living in Glen Park?!?!?!


This Noe house doesn’t have a garage and nobody wants it. Has to cut listing price.


Uh, nobody wants it because (a) it is POS, (b) there was a garage at one point until someone wanted to play Fixer Upper and © overpriced for what it is, which is (a) again.


1.3M for Noe is not overpriced. It’s underpriced. Well, it’s kinda at the fringe of Noe but still.


Dude, which is it???:grinning:


What’s a fixer like this worth around here?


SOLD! 2.6M in 3 weeks. Both this house and the GG house sold for the same price. Which one do you prefer?


How about this fixer?


Killer views, but not walking distance to groceries and stores. Good for young folks…


叔叔 - Aren’t you still a young man?


Reasonably, but def moving on up the age bracket in a matter of days…


Be careful with that, he can call you 小弟弟 in return :laughing:


That’s an interesting ceiling in the living room. Should they keep it? :smile:


It looks like some of the ceilings should actually be on the floor.


My favorites are the Warriors blue and gold exterior and the room with the shiny silver ceiling that makes the room look upside down.


Ooh, is that a sign??? Bet large on another team like Houston???


IThoughts on this one? A little far from Dolores Park and transit but still walkable/doable for us, street is cute and close to Kite Hill which is great for our dog.

We like the views, high ceilings, south facing and flat lot, no parking but street seems to have lots of parking. We would rent until ready to move in, and renovate/open the kitchen/baths/create a nicer master suite before moving in. Maybe legalize the ADU or turn the downstairs into a nice master

Is this part of Eureka Valley still mostly sunny?


$200k discount for having no garage.