Buy or wait until Elections?


I was looking at this one Price drop from 750 to 725. They wanted 785 initially

Good investment with BART a mile away and the community you are looking at next street.

To me, you are not doing homework before submitting an offer. When you try to submit an offer, you must evaluate and come to a price !

If that is not appraised to this level, you need to pay extra down payment? You must be pre-qualified for this amount too !

Thats a different angle. I was just assuming all those are taken into account.

No, You must evaluate and then submit an offer. Even a single $ matters when buying and selling !

,I didnt do the homework for this house. So mine is a guess. Just by a 2 min search. I do if I were buying it.

McLaren F1?

Ford GT is worth 3-4x more than they sold for new ~10 years ago.

$1.18 mil :slight_smile: Is a house that can’t rent out, lucky you didn’t win the bid.

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Oops ! My bid was exactly 1.18 and I lost it ! Mine was for primary living purpose !

What is the winning bid?

@hanera and @marcus335,

If in aggregate sports cars were such great investments, this would be the

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The problem with cars like the F1 or the Ford GT is they are to expensive to drive …They just sit in the garage and are towed to car shows…the less they are used the more they appreciate. …Buying art is a lot less work…

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Higher than 1.18M, I understand the figure between 1.19M and 1.2M. Very likely 1.19M.

If you are bidding 1.250M, you would have over paid 50k !!

Now we know who are the greatest fools here :slight_smile:

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50K / 1.19M is just around 4%. In a good year you will get that, and then some, via appreciation.

@hanera you gotta watch what you say. What business do you have here saying random stuff.

Like u bring McLaren f1 into this discussion totally unrelated. such a jerk

Forget abt my estimate, mine was a very random number. so you let go the home for 10k ? Was there a multiple counter?


That’s right

Congrats! Seems like you got a decent deal based on current market. Share us more when appropriate! Fremont is great, I love it more than Milpitas as place to live.