Buy RE now, according to @manch’s old flame

There are two kinds of mania surrounding real estate right now:

  1. Those who are so excited about real estate that they are willing to spend anything to get into an asset and are therefore blind to risk.
  2. Those who are so sure a crash is coming that they are sitting on the sidelines.

Neither of these two parties is going to make as much money as they could.

Focus on the fundamentals, and you can make money in any market.

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C’mon, my favorite RE site is this site right here! :rage:

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I am with the author. Just buy and forget about it, especially for people buying a home for themselves instead of investment.

I’m bullish long-term given the lack of skilled labor will only increase the cost of building new housing. That will limit supply. As long as an area has population growth, then RE will be a good investment. It’s pretty clear which metro regions are winning and attracting more people. If you want more help, then pick an area with geographic boundaries that limit building.

There’s not a great reason for Seattle to have a median home price of $700k vs $400k in Austin. Both have a major state university. Both have a lot of tech employees. Neither have state income tax. Seattle has geographic restrictions though with the sound on one side and Lake Washington on the other with only 2 bridges to cross it.


Are you saying Seattle 700k is a better investment than Austin 400k?

Is Seattle anti growth? It’s easy to get permit to build houses in Austin

A fully matured (not many places to build new houses) neighborhood has similar effect as geographic boundaries.

I interpreted as $700k is a result of geographical restrictions.

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I think it will appreciate more due to geographic restrictions. Seattle can only sprawl in limited ways.

Seattle has one big advantage over Austin. Easily accessible to East Asians. Austin is kind of landlocked in the central. Regretted didn’t buy some there in 2013-4.

No fish shrimp also can.

Bay Area and Seattle have much better network effect in software talents. Amazon and Microsoft are the top cloud companies and among the top in AI. Talents like to go to where talents are already and the flywheel will continue to spin faster and faster. Austin has a critical mass of hardware engineers.

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Ping me when you see good Chinese restaurants in Austin.

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Both these areas have been declining for a year, yet Austin remains

Where do you get the neighborhood market temp?

Zillow site is inconsistent. Some houses use the old neighborhood temp,

some use the new version,