Buy this home and get a Mercedes

Anyone here need a new car :slight_smile: ? This is a tactic I haven’t seen before “Buy this home and you get a Brand New 2016 Mercedes C 300 Sedan!”

I know you guys have brought this one up as a spec home flop the last time it was listed. Home is ok. I’m not a huge fan of the finishes but Willow Rd is a nightmare. I seriously doubt they will get anything near $2.98m.

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Its crazy, why give another depreciating asset for free? give 40K cash back instead I say wink:

Or some Facebook stock.

Agree, Is TWILIO the next big thing? what do you guys think? @Jil

And the listing says nothing about the house. Only the car…

If they give out a Tesla and equipped the house with charging stations and solar panels, maybe. :slight_smile:

God, a C Class Benz??? Please…

Buy the cheapest model in a luxury brand. Sorta like buying the crappiest house in an expensive neighborhood.

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No way! Cars are not like buying the cheapest house in a good area. The house, yes, but you never buy the cheapest in luxury brand cuz people will look down on you for it. What you should do actually is pay that same money, let’s say $40K, and buy the BMW or Lexus or some other model that is at the near/top of the line for that amount. People will appreciate that it is the best at that price point. Come on, @manch, really???

That only appeals to car nuts. For regular people like me I only know it’s a Mercedes. And that’s enough to wow people. :slight_smile:

I drive a Honda. So I may be biased…

Again, it doesn’t take a car nut to know that a lot of luxury brands are so watered down now that anyone can get one if they really want one. Come on, so a $40k car or a leased one will buy someone instant status in your eyes? Please. I have a real Rolex Sea Dweller that I break out for poker night but it don’t mean a thang… Real money is usually hidden away…in security deposit boxes, in mattresses, etc…away from the IRS and bank accounts that leave paper trails. We all know people with real money drive Hondas cuz they are too smart to want to pay for the maintenance or even the super premium gas.

Let’s give the car thing one more spin. I have always thought people buying Toyota Avalon are being irrational. Why buy the most expensive model of a mass market brand, when you can spend the same money and buy the cheapest Lexus?

At least it’s a Lexus, right?

Again, while we don’t do things to appease necessarily others you have to admit that we are curious/interested in how our actions will be perceived. If your goal is to appease the ignorant masses, go buy the cheapest Lexus model. If your goal is to appease the semi knowledgeable and up crowd (the real crowd that you want to impress) you don’t ever buy the cheapest one because they will eat you alive. People, esp knowledgeable ones, judge others all the time for everything!!! They will downgrade your purchase as a desperate move by someone who couldn’t afford the top of the line but wanted to play the part. What happens is, you end up losing. I hate to bring up women into everything but that kind of thinking I have seen or heard first hand. “Oh, so and so bought a MB.” “So what, it is the small one, no big deal.” Ouch!!! With the Toyota Avalon, it is the top of the line for what it is (granted a Toyota). How can someone justifiably attack you for buying the best and most expensive model Toyota offers?

@manch, call up the Lexus dealer and cancel the order. Your Honda is fine, way fine. Don’t overthink it. You could drive a Pinto and we would be impressed by you.

Buying my CRV is one of my best decisions ever. So freaking practical. So yes, I wouldn’t trade my CRV for any Mercedes.

I still think buying an Avalon is a mistake. The cheapest Lexus is still a Lexus. :slight_smile: Avalon is still a Toyota.

Well, not great examples but fun to consider anyway on a Sat night:

  1. A filet mignon (more tender but less flaverful) vs.a ribeye (less tender but more flavorful)

  2. A Palo Alto home near train tracks vs. a prime Cupertino home with no blemishes

  3. A big diamond with a lot of inclusions vs. a smaller more perfect cut diamond

In every example above, I would take the cheaper one that most people would perceive to be inferior, yet in reality, may not be the case.

In my defense though, I was ripping on an entry level, watered down Mercedes that probably costs less than some Lexus. Is it necessarily better just because of the name?

Are you sure the first part is cheaper than the second part for 1) to 3)?

Most restaurants don’t sell prime filet mignon, but sell prime ribeye. Prime ribeye is more expensive than choice filet mignon. I think prime Cupertino is more expensive. Smaller perfect cut diamond is likely more expensive too.

But manch, don’t kid yourself. A Lexus is a rebadged Toyota. I have a Highlander. Step daughter has an RX-350. I work on both. I can swap parts with impunity except for a couple of body parts.

To this steak connoisseur, filet mignon is very overrated. They are tender. But lack good flavor and texture.

Almost any other steak is better than a filet. A well marbled, well marinated ribeye is twice the steak. I’m almost famous for my BBQ ribeyes. It’s the simple marinade and the great cut I get at COSTCO that make them so good.

The haute cuisine effect of filet is just another foodie myth.

But, don’t tell my wife. She always gets the filet and swears it’s the best. The truth is, she likes it because she has an aversion to fat. Filet has none. Which is why they frequently wrap it in bacon!


You’re pragmatic. That’s a good thing for an investor of any sort. In fact, it’s good for one’s financial health and well being in general.

And, don’t be afraid to rip on the MB…of any stature. MBs have dismal repair records and expensive upkeep. In the case at hand, that MB is not only a depreciating asset, it’s a costly one to own. A Toyota, or in deference to manch, even a Lexus would be a much better deal. Less depreciation and better reliability.

In some species, the pretty looking males get to mate with lots of females even though they are more prone to attacks from predators and such. One theory is that these males are signaling they are tough enough to take the blows, and they are not afraid to flaunt their beautiful feathers.

Maybe people who drive MB’s are saying the same thing: I make enough not to worry about the repair bills. :slight_smile:

My CRV is now 11 years old. I think I will drive it for another 10 years or so, and my next car better be driving itself.


The first part (left side) was meant to represent the more expensive or the perceived more expensive side by the masses while the second side was to illustrate the reality which may even be more expensive as you correctly pointed out.

As @tomhVallejo pointed out, many people incorrectly think the filet mignon is the best out there when apparently it is not, at least in flavor which is probably more key than tenderness. Again, most people will oooh and ahh for PA vs Cupertino but it is not always the case right? Diamonds too. Most people think oh the bigger the diamond the better or more pricey it must be but we know that a perfect cut diamond can be way more expensive. I am sure a lot of us here got quite educated on diamond stone attributes when we were buying…